CSG: B4-4-4:14~15

By | April 20, 2016

14              When Adam and Eve mature, they come under the invisible dominion of God’s love.  From the vertical summit, God descends and firmly stands at the very center of the horizontal line where Adam and Eve are positioned at each end.  When the vertical subject, God, becomes the central core of the horizontal plane, Adam and Eve, as the minus, be come absolutely one with God, who is the plus.  Then based on the love of God, who is the vertical core, Adam and Eve meet at that place and begin moving up and down.  Once they commence love-making, God does not simply remain still.  Even when a husband and wife kiss, they do not simply close their eyes and touch their lips; they passionately caress each other and turn round and round.  God’s love is vertical.  When we catch fire with love, God descends at the temperature of molten lava, several thousand degrees, and collides with us.

15              The love between husband and wife is the force that implants God within them.  Originally, parents are to stand in God’s position, with the husband and wife each representing one side of God.  Their sons and daughters also are small embodiments of God.  Once they connect to the true love of God, the origin of true love, all of them become part of the same body.  Parents are living representatives of God on earth.  The husband and wife represent God, as do the children and the grandparents.  In this way three generations stand in God’s position, centered on true love.  Parents, husband and wife, and children are each in this position, but for this they need true love.  A family structure centered on true love like this is the foundation for the kingdom of heaven.  Without achieving such a foundation we cannot build the kingdom.  This is the formula.