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By | April 22, 2016

from FFWPU site:


Dear Families,

We have just spent a very blessed few days in Korea in celebration of True Parents’ Holy Wedding Anniversary. We were newly reminded that that day in April 1960 was not just the wedding of one couple but the Marriage of the Lamb foretold in Scripture.

Marriage suppers are always happy events and last night was no exception. True Mother was beautiful, serene, and determined. She spoke briefly but straight to the point: we must share the good news that True Parents are here and God is on the throne. All the world’s many problems can be solved through God’s love and truth, the new revelation of Divine Principle.

True Mother spoke as well of the importance of living unselfishly. We learned of her great concern for the recent earthquake victims in Japan, and in Ecuador, and also that she designated a large donation to the disaster relief efforts. Our Korean sister church has also donated several hundred thousand dollars.

We would like to invite all American families to also give generously to support these relief efforts, as we have done in the recent past for Nepal and the Philippines.

You can do so in church this Sunday, or online here. Let’s do our best to offer a quick response!

Thank you all!


Rev_ Ki Hoon Kim-sign

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim

Continental Chairman, FFWPU North America

Dr. Balcomb signature

Michael Balcomb

President, FFWPU USA