True Father’s letter to True Mother on April 7, 1965

By | April 6, 2016

~~from Cham Bumo Gyeong: Book6, Chapter 1, Section 4-7

7  Dear Omma: I read the letter you sent me, including your report about Parents’ Day.  Thank you for your hard work.  Indeed, you are so precious as the Mother, and for this I am truly grateful.  I know that you worked hard for two events during my absence.  I am so happy that you have fulfilled your responsibility before God, as He desired.

When I think about the manifestation of Parents’ Day on earth, I realize how serious our position as True Parents is.  This event is indeed an awesome responsibility, and I cannot help but bow down before this incredible mission—that we can finally fulfill this day that should have been established 6,000 years ago when God was happy with the original world.  How much blood, sweat and tears were shed by countless prophets and ancestors who sacrificed themselves and suffered through the course of history to establish this day?

God alone knows the ups and downs that your Appa endured on the sorrowful path of indemnity to establish one woman, True Mother, and I pledge by attending you as that woman to bring about victory in bringing peace.  At the same time, I consider that Parents’ Day could be instituted as the day of God’s victory only after I had offered my youth and 40 years of my life, experiencing the pain and suffering of heaven and earth as I walked a path in the twilight and headed for the new dawn.  That past, filled with many bitter sorrows as I made the long journey for the heavenly law, makes me think of you, Omma, as even more precious.

However, even though we welcomed the 6th Parents’ Day, I must again impose on you responsibilities and missions for you to carry.  I deeply sympathize with you, Hyo-jin’s Omma, that you are destined to go along with me continually in order that we may achieve the level of global Parents.  Until the last moment, we still have to keep advancing until we reach the goal; then we will have vindication over the enemy.  Your Appa knows how grave your motherly responsibility is, bearing so many crosses.  Therefore, even though I am abroad, please understand that I am praying for you sincerely.

Especially as you are now carrying a child, please take care of your health.  Make tomorrow shine by fulfilling your responsibility.  Both heaven and earth regard you as so precious.  You and I are recognized as the substantial representatives at the center of Parents’ Day, the day that all humankind yearns for and will rejoice over.  As the whole cosmos is offering that day to us, we have to make it shine.

Although you are young, may you realize a heart that is lofty and high.  As you carry Heaven’s burden and the burden of the world, may you fulfill the responsibility of the Holy Lord who creates the realm of victory, where your life of good fortune and historical significance bears fruit as the Mother, in whose bosom all heaven and earth long to be embraced.

We cannot forget about the great number of people who have resolved to give up their lives for us.  We have also been given the solemn command to become the original beings of light, so that we can give life to the people who attend us and regard us as their beacon of life.  If people from many countries in addition to Korea, Japan and America want to serve us, we will be in debt to them.  We must not leave even one point of darkness in the background of history.  Don’t you think Appa knows the hardships faced by those leaders who are assuming responsibility?

Hallelujah to the holy day, Parents’ Day! May we, the substantial beings of this day, give glory to God and attend Him! Let us build up our virtue and shout out for restoration in order to fulfill the mission of the Parents!

When I think about this letter, together with the content of the letter to the church president, I realize that you must be very tired.  Thank you for your hard work.  I am ever praying that you will be victorious.  May you remain healthy by taking care of yourself, and fulfill all of your responsibilities.

I spent Parents’ Day in Washington and was busy tidying up afterwards.  The reason I could not write you until now was because there were many people who came to see me and I had to deal with some matters here.  This was the first Parents’ Day in America and the first time America attended me.  Because I wanted to celebrate Parents’ Day in the capital of the United States, I concluded my busy national tour, passed through San Francisco, and flew to Washington, DC, on March 31.  With the deep sincerity of the Washington members, I celebrated this historical event.  Members from many different regions attended.  God was with us, and we spent three days together with no regard for day or night.  We had a very good experience.

Even as I spent that time solemnly, I was thinking about Seoul.  With your chair placed next to mine I thought of you, crossing the continent and the Pacific Ocean in my heart.  The American members dressed in white holy robes and offered bows as they prayed to achieve honor before Heaven.  This was the first time I conducted a ceremony with people from all five races.  The event was very successful, and I resolved to expand it more on a worldwide scale.

As long as I am in Washington, my days are fully scheduled.  Besides that, I need to meet with some very important people.  By the middle of July I will have to depart for Europe.  I will let you know about my next itinerary later.  I hope that you may always be at peace.

-April 7, 1965, Washington, DC

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