Japan Receives Earthquake Relief Funds from FFWPU USA

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On May 30, Naokimi Ushiroda, President of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) USA, presented a check for $50,000 on behalf of FFWPU USA for the families of Kumamoto, Japan who lost their homes due to a recent high magnitude earthquake. These funds are part of an ongoing online fundraiser at familyfed.org/support. Continue reading Japan Receives Earthquake Relief Funds from FFWPU USA

Discover the Historic Belvedere Estate

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Many of you may know that in the early days of the Unification movement, True Parents would often walk hand in hand to Belvedere from East Garden, and after stopping off at the Holy Rock for a moment of prayer and quiet communion with God, they would continue on down to the training center to meet with the congregation, who would gather as early as 5am to hear True Father speak. You may be well aware that True Father filled the Lecture Hall blackboard with diagrams and charts, sometimes speaking for hours on end. It was at Belvedere that he delivered the vast majority of his sermons and addresses, which now comprise much of the three Holy Scriptures, and have served as the guiding principles for the Unification movement in America and around the world. Continue reading Discover the Historic Belvedere Estate

Cheon Il Guk IW Supports Local Tribal Messiahship

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From May 21 – 23, Rev. Hiroshi Inose, Director of Kodan and Cheon Il Guk IW to America, and his wife, Mrs. Hatsune Inose, made a few visits to the Unification communities in Maryland and Washington, D.C. to share in fellowship and planning surrounding outreach and Tribal Messiahship.

On Saturday, May 21, Rev. Inose and the local community welcomed their new Kodan leader for District 1, Mr. and Mrs. Tsurusaki at the Washington, D.C. Family Church. On Sunday, Rev. Inose gave a sermon at the New Hope Family Church, where he emphasized the value of working in trinities for Tribal Messiahship. He later took the time answer questions the community had. On Monday, he was able to meet community members individually, listen to their stories and concerns, and provide individualized suggestions for outreach endeavors.

Throughout the visit and in his messages, Rev. Inose highlighted the Yankee Stadium Rally of 1976, and its 40th anniversary approaching on June 1st. This gave listeners a focus point and a clear determination to invite people to the God Bless America Family Festival in Belvedere on June 5, which will be an opportunity to share with guests about True Parents’ legacy in America. Find out more about the festival and register here.

Contributed by Ernest Patton, District 1 Pastor

UTS 40th Commencement Ceremony


On May 28, over 200 associates, friends and family members gathered in Barrytown, New York to attend the 40th commencement ceremony of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS). Twenty-two candidates for graduation were conferred degrees at the ceremony, with several additional candidates honored in absentia. Two gentlemen, Dr. David Eaton of the New York City Symphony and the Rev. Dr. Michael Sykes of the United Missionary Baptist Church of East Orange, NJ, were also awarded honorary doctoral degrees.

Though the day was seasonably hot and humid, spirits were high and marked with gratitude at the commencement ceremony. Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chairman of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) North America, gave the commencement address. In addition to recounting his own experiences as a student at UTS from 1993-1996, Dr. Kim identified the connection in purpose between the founding of UTS and the establishment of the Universal Peace Academy (UPA) and Wonmo scholarship programs.

“These institutions,” he said, “were created by the founders of UTS, Father and Mother Moon, on the same principle: to provide education centered on God to both America and the world.” Further lamenting the current state of confusion evident in America from the level of families to that of the current presidential candidates, Dr. Kim invited the graduates and all others in attendance to participate in the upcomingGod Bless America Family Festival as an invaluable opportunity to help bring America back to God.

Read Dr. Kim’s Message

Dr. Hugh Spurgin, President of UTS and member of the original graduating class of 1977, likewise exhorted the graduates in his congratulatory remarks to take hold of the responsibility endowed to them by attending UTS. “God is sending you as his representatives to serve the people of despair in the world. He is sending you to bring love, peace, and hope to this world and to put an end to bigotry, selfishness, hatred, and corruption. Like a small mustard seed that has just been planted, the world doesn’t know you are coming; but the reach of your love and faith will grow, and you will be the ones to lead a spiritual revolution based on the love of God.”

Remarks were also given during the ceremony by Dr. Eaton and the Rev. Dr. Sykes in gratitude for the honorary degrees they received, and by two students representing the masters’ and doctoral cohorts, respectively: Mr. Samuel Mitchell, Master of Religious Education, and Dr. Drissa Kone, Doctor of Ministry in Peace and Justice.

Three musical performances were offered during the ceremony. Following the processional of the candidates, alumni, and faculty, Mrs. Ilwha Compton sang the national anthem to convene the event, and Mrs. Seiko Lee performed renditions of “The Lord’s Prayer” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone” during the course of the program.

The ceremony was fittingly opened and closed with prayers of congratulation and rededication, and a reception followed the conclusion of the event for all in attendance.

To learn more about UTS and the unique programs offered at this interfaith seminary, please visit their website. While the main seminary campus remains in Barrytown, NY, many classes are now offered at the New York City branch campus and the recently opened Maryland branch is thriving.

ACLC Clergy Commemorate Yankee Stadium Rally’s 40th Anniversary

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On June 1, 1976, True Father addressed a crowd of 40,000 people at the God Bless America Yankee Stadium Rally. During the rally True Father said that he had come as a doctor and a firefighter to warn the nation that God was leaving America, and that only the power of God’s True Love could hold the nation together.

Forty years later, on Saturday, May 28, 2016, clergy from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and as far away as Georgia gathered in the New York City borough of the Bronx for a prayer breakfast held to commemorate the anniversary of the Yankee Stadium Rally. Nearly 100 ministers associated with the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) heard a powerful message in the sanctuary of the Friendly Baptist Church before meeting at the new Yankee Stadium to hold a rally.

The celebration started with a breakfast prepared by Rev. Irma Pacheco, the pastor of the Baptist House of Prayer, and her church family.  The ACLC clergy enjoyed the warm fellowship in the cool of the morning in the Taqwa Community Farm.

The group then moved to the sanctuary of the Friendly Baptist Church, where Senior Pastor Albert L.O. Sutton welcomed the ministers.  Bishop Jesse Edwards served as the master of ceremonies.  Accompanied by Rev. David Jenkins, pastor of the Bronx Community Baptist Church, Rev. Edwards led the assembly in joyful praise and worship.  Rev. Deborah D. Jenkins, the pastor of Faith @ Works Church and adjunct professor of the New York Theological Seminary, led the congregation in a responsive reading taken from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke (Matthew 5:43-45 and Luke 6:32-36).

Rev. Tom Cutts, the national executive director of ACLC, offered condolences to Rev. Angelo Rosario and Nancy Rosario.  Earlier that week Mrs. Rosario had lost her mother, Mrs. Maria Vega.  Rev. Esteban Galvan, the pastor of the Bronx Family Church, and his wife, Lorna Galvan, read a proclamation from Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. commemorating the Yankee Stadium Rally.  The proclamation commended True Father for his efforts to save America, and for True Mother in her continuing the legacy.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh, imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of North America, offered greetings, a powerful word about peace, understanding and active cooperation. He then introduced Keynote Speaker Rev. Angelo Rosario. 

Rev. Rosario is the senior pastor of the Church of God’s Children.  He is also the chairman of the Bronx Clergy Task Force, established by the Bronx borough president.  Rev. Rosario is known throughout the five boroughs of New York as a man of God who puts his words into action.  He gave a spirit-filled message about serving others.  “Don’t simply pray for someone to find a job.  Help create a job in the community,” he said. He also spoke about making right decisions and holiness.  He gave up a well-paying business to answer the call of God to go into the Christian ministry.  Today his 10 children are all serving the Lord in various ministries, and four of his 25 grandchildren are also in the ministry. 

Rev. Deborah D. Jenkins commented, “We received a ministering word from Rev. Angelo Rosario this morning at the ACLC Interfaith Prayer Breakfast.  He said that the holier we become, the less evil there is in us.”

Rev. Dr. Perry Wootten, a Presbyterian minister, and a pastor in the Bronx for 27 years, offered the benediction.  Dr. Wootten celebrated our diversity and thanked God for being the parent of us all.

After the Prayer Breakfast, the clergy joined with about a hundred others at Gate Four of the Yankee Stadium.  There Rev. Esteban Galvan spoke of the event that took place there 40 years ago, and Rev. Edner Pierre-Louis, the district pastor of the New York District, gave an impassioned prayer asking God to continue to stay in America, and to use the nation to bless other countries of the world.  Rev. Tom Cutts led the crowd in four cheers to mark the end of the service.

The crowd then paraded up the street to the Taqwa Community Farm to join in a celebration and barbecue.

Special thanks go to Rev. Bruce Grodner, the ACLC national outreach director; Rev. Esteban Galvan; and Rev. Edner Pierre-Louis for conceiving of and orchestrating this commemorative prayer breakfast.  The support of Rev. John Kung and the Family Church of Queens, Rev. Daryl Clarke and the Family Church of Brooklyn, and Rev. Jacob Manoj and Rev. Hitoshi Onishi of the Clifton (New Jersey) Family Church was also greatly appreciated.  A good time was had by all.

Contributed by Rev. Tom Cutts, national executive director of ACLC




– 神氏族メシヤ活動 (ネパール:神氏族メシヤ祝福式 / ベナン:神氏族メシヤ祝福式 / カメルーン:神氏族メシヤ祝福式 / アルバニア:神氏族メシヤ祝福式)
– 平和運動 (韓国:女性連合、2016統一共感ヨンナム圏市民講演会 / オーストラリア:2016真の結婚と家庭プロジェクト)
– 指導者養成 (韓国:グローバルアカデミー海外リーダーシッププログラム / スロバキア:ヨーロッパ二世修練会 / ナイジェリア:アブジャ大学カープ説明会)
– 主要ニュース (日本:第34回全日本聖和祭 / ブラジル、第1回全国ホームグループ サッカーピースカップ) Continue reading 週刊ブリーフィング:2016-05-28

Your Weekly Update – May 27

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Every week the National Ministry Team compiles stories and important upcoming events in a quick weekly update video. Here is what we cover this week:

GPA’s CIG Missionary Trainees Return Home

Generation Peace Academy’s (GPA) Cheon Il Guk Missionaries in-training have just returned home after dedicating three months to outreach efforts across the Philippines. Watch the Weekly Update video to hear excerpts from their reflections firsthand.


God Bless America Family Festival

We are just one week away from June 5, when we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Yankee Stadium Rally, the 62nd anniversary of the founding of HSA-UWC, and the 54th Day of All True Things with True Mother. Join us at Belvedere on June 5 with your family and friends, where there will be international food, an anniversary celebration, live music, fun for kids, and more!

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Cham Bumo Gyeong

The Cham Bumo Gyeong is the third volume of the Holy Scriptures after the Cheon Seong Gyeong and Pyeong Hwa Gyeong. Comprised of True Parents’ life course in their own words, the Holy Scriptures set is a profound source of daily inspiration and a priceless addition your home library.

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Memorial Day Celebrations

Monday, May 31 is Memorial Day. We wish everyone a very happy holiday in remembrance of those who have offered their lives to the service and safety of others, both at home and abroad.