By | May 6, 2016


In our new “Meet Your Neighbors” series, we share stories from Unificationists around the world who are actively and creatively building their tribes. Today, meet Naoko Hiraki, a veteran member of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) in Japan whose deep passion for outreach is catching.

Contributed by CARP Los Angeles


After attending the anniversary commemoration of True Father’s ascension with many successful and dedicated international Tribal Messiahs in 2014, Naoko was inspired to replicate their approach in America. She began by sharing her renewed passion and hope for outreach with her local Kodan community in Los Angeles, which determined to work together to reach out to 430 couples and families and create their own tribe of Blessed families invested in living the Divine Principle.

“I heard the testimonies from Unificationists in the Philippines, Thailand and Nepal. They really believe that if in their country even just 12 families could bring 430 couples together as a tribe, then their country will move and they can make Cheon Il Guk (God’s Kingdom) real in this country. They believe in that strongly. I was amazed. If I can believe in starting Tribal Messiahship strongly in this country, we can build Cheon Il Guk here in America. I really wanted to do that.”



One of Naoko’s primary Tribal Messiahship projects has been to revive the CARP Los Angeles campus outreach program. Every day, Naoko and her team strive to engage students at the nearby Pasadena Community College in study and conversation about the Divine Principle.

Her unique approach entails consists of a straightforward reading of the Divine Principle, and letting the textit speak for itself when students sit down with her to read..

“I want to share the Divine Principle very clearly. Little by little, students are changing their minds and hearts, so that is a wonderful thing. Then our hearts are moved by these students and our children’s hearts are moved as they see how these new Unificationists are being transformed by God’s word and God’s heart.”

Naoko uses her personal copy of the Divine Principle when reading with students. She places a tab inscribed with the each student’s name in her copyDivine Principle book, as both a placeholder in their daily study sessions and a wayform of to spark friendly competition between the students.

Even in times when Naoko is only working with one student, she feels how precious an opportunity she has been given to share the Divine Principle with him or her.



On the foundation of Naoko’s campus outreach initiatives, CARP Los Angeles has collaborated with CARP USA to organize a 10-day trip to Japan from May 25 – June 6, 2016. The purpose of this trip is to connect to the historic foundations of the Unification movement in Japan, as well as to establish stronger ties with CARP LA’s sister organization, CARP Japan.

The trip has generated so much interest and enthusiasm that neighboring CARP Korea has decided to join in, too!



Support Naoko and her team of CARP Ambassadors as they prepare to depart for Japan by donating to their international endeavor today.