Parents in Bay Area Get Real About Pornography

By | May 19, 2016


Rev. Kevin Thompson, pastor of the Bay Area Family Church, gave an informative presentation on pornography and the effects of it to a congregation of interested parents on Sunday, April 25. Rev. Thompson recently attended the Set Free Summit with 40 other passionate Unificationists, which addressed the pornography culture. The following are some key points that Rev. Thompson emphasized in his presentation. For more information on pornography, please visit

1. Pornography is a $100 billion industry, which is run by evil, evil people who couldn’t care less about you or your family. They have an agenda to tear down the Judaeo-Christian family and thus America. They also have a plan to get rid of gender in this country. In other words, the complete destruction of God’s Ideal. It is evil.

2. As parents, we simply must be diligent and protect our children. As we heard in our discussion, there is an attempt to attract children as young as four years old through erotic cartoons and anime. This is not the porn of our ownchildhood. It is highly destructive and addictive and destroys the spirit of a person, as well as any attempt to make a good family. Every person who has access to the Internet in any form is under attack. The factual numbers of people who are watching pornography are staggering. Now, more and more women are also participating in this. The goal is to get young people hooked, which creates customers for life.

3. You (we) can do something about it. At the Set Free Summit (, a summit that I and 40 other Unificationists attended two weeks ago, I found out that there are many thousands of religious people who are fighting against this problem and that we must join the fight. There have been some victories recently in the fight against pornography–getting corporations like Sheraton, Marriott and Hilton to remove pornography from two million hotel rooms, and the State of Utah declaring that pornography is a public health crisis, etc.

4. Our church members (under the Blessed Marriage Project) have started a website to bring awareness and help to the issue of pornography and the destruction it is causing. Please visit the website ( and you will see that there is a complementary download for the filtering software Covenant Eyes, which will alert you to any activity on your computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

5. There are other software programs which actually block bad content, which you will need to pay for, such as and You can also read these tips on how to stay involved in your child’s life online. I will continue to research good resources, and if I find anything else, I will pass them along.

6. Please do your own research on how to talk with your own children. You should start appropriate-age discussions from a very early age and build openness and trust. Do not freak out or judge your children, and do not create an atmosphere where they cannot talk with you about anything.

I hope this is useful information.

Contributed by Rev. Kevin Thompson