Discover the Historic Belvedere Estate

By | May 31, 2016


Many of you may know that in the early days of the Unification movement, True Parents would often walk hand in hand to Belvedere from East Garden, and after stopping off at the Holy Rock for a moment of prayer and quiet communion with God, they would continue on down to the training center to meet with the congregation, who would gather as early as 5am to hear True Father speak. You may be well aware that True Father filled the Lecture Hall blackboard with diagrams and charts, sometimes speaking for hours on end. It was at Belvedere that he delivered the vast majority of his sermons and addresses, which now comprise much of the three Holy Scriptures, and have served as the guiding principles for the Unification movement in America and around the world.

You may be intrigued to discover, however, that the first meal at Belvedere after its purchase by the Unification movement in 1972 was roast beef, served on makeshift tables stretched across the floor of the dining room; or, that the Holy Rock on the estate has its own interesting story of an unlikely journey from Montana to New York.

Going back even earlier, did you know that Belvedere was originally a part of the Philipsburgh Manor, which was a 90,000-acre property and one of the richest landholdings in America? Did you know the estate was previously called “Zeeview,” after the bluff overlooking the broad Hudson River and the Tappan Zee Bridge?

Come to the Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, NY on Sunday, June 5th, during the God Bless America Family Festival, to discover its long, rich and cultured history. There will be a self-guided historical tour of the estate, plus international food, live music, games for kids and much more!

Family Festival Map_In ProgressNumbers 1-6 on the map correspond to the historical tour locations. Note: This is not an official festival map; subject to change before June 5.