Be Proud and Bold for True Parents-True Mother’s Speech

By | June 6, 2016


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The following is the transcript of the onsite translation of the address given by True Mother at the Belvedere estate in Tarrytown, New York, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally in 1976. To watch the speech, please see the video above. An official translation will be provided shortly. In her message, True Mother conveyed an earnest call for America to rise up and fulfill the long-cherished dream of God, our Heavenly Parent, and the True Parents boldly with love and gratitude.

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Beloved members, blessed families, peace ambassadors, members from the American Clergy Leadership Conference, I’m pleased to meet you today. Today we have gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Yankee Stadium rally. There is something I would like to reflect upon. The Heavenly Parent and the True Parents, at this moment, have an expectation of America. What is that? Let us think about it, please.

God, after creating heaven and earth, wanted to realize His ideal, and that is why He created our ancestors, Adam and Eve. In particular to human beings, God gave a responsibility. However, during their growth period, due to the human Fall, Adam and Eve were unable to realize the dream of God. God is almighty. He is omnipotent. He is absolute. He is the Alpha and the Omega; the beginning and the end are the same. There can be no failure before God. That is why heaven had to endure a tremendous course of indemnity filled with suffering and difficulties. Even in spite of all these difficulties, God strove to restore and find human beings through the history of the Providence of Restoration through indemnity.

That is why it took a period of 4,000 long, biblical years for God to prepare the chosen people of Israel, and how God worked through this providence. After 4,000 biblical years the Begotten Son who realized God’s ideal, the Begotten Son who could realize the ideal of human beings, Jesus Christ was sent on this earth as the only Begotten Son of God.

However, Mary, she did not fulfill her responsibility. People in the vicinity of Jesus–Joseph and Zachariah’s family–the Jewish people, the nation of Israel did not fulfill their responsibility. Jesus, who lost the foundation upon which he came, after working for 30 years as the assistant of a carpenter, he began his public course. However, the 12 disciples that he found, even these 12 disciples, they could not walk the path of representing Jesus.

Jesus, who had lost everything, had to walk the path of the cross. That is a historic fact. As he lay on the cross, Jesus said, “I will come again.” Why did he want to come again? It was to host the marriage of the holy lamb. If, at that time, Jesus, who came as the only Begotten Son, if he had met the only Begotten Daughter, then Jesus would have been able to realize the ideal of God. However, that did not happen.

When we look at the 2,000-year history centered on Christianity, we can conclude that history has been the historical providence to find the only Begotten Daughter of God. Christians of today are unaware of this truth. When heaven selects a particular people, or a particular nation, and that nation fails in its responsibility, heaven does not continue its work through that nation. It finds a different nation.

Four hundred years before Christ, in Asia, there was the Han king in the Orient. Heaven raised the Han tribe to the highest level and raised a nation, raised leaders, to the highest level. Heaven selects the people who can rise to the highest level. These people were people who love peace, people who love heaven, and who respect heaven. These are the people who are pure of heart. In the past for 4,000 years heaven raised the people of Israel. In the same way, heaven has worked to establish the foundation to send the only Begotten Daughter. Heaven selected the Han people. It was the Han tribe who were able to give birth to the only Begotten Daughter.

Please think about it. In 1945, Korea was liberated. Before that, throughout the world, Korea was not a significant nation. However, together with the liberation of Korea, Korea was divided in two, along the 38th parallel, into the Communist North and the Democratic South. In those circumstances, in 1950, the Korean War erupted. In the midst of that time, I was born in 1943. Heaven has led the providence to find the only Begotten Daughter, and through the Christian foundation, I was selected and I was born as the only Begotten Daughter. That is why Satan, understanding my value, attempted to kill me. Why? Because with my birth Satan understood that his end would come, and Satan attempted to kill me. However Dae Mo-nim fought spiritually and was victorious, and I was born in such circumstances.

I was still in North Korea at the time, and at that time, together with Korea’s liberation, Korea was separated into Communist North and the Democratic South. The situation in Korea was difficult. Korea was not yet stable as a nation. Furthermore, Christianity had come into Korea. It was only about 100 years since Christianity had come to Korea. All Christians of the time believed that the returning Messiah would come from the clouds.

However, centering on Pyongyang, many spiritual groups understood that the returning Messiah would not come on the clouds but be born on this earth. That is why these spiritual groups in Pyongyang believed the returning Messiah would come on this earth, not through the clouds. At the time, Korea was divided into two. The forces of democracy and communism were expanding all around the world. If I had stayed in North Korea, in the Communist North, my life would have been in danger. That is why, at that time, heaven selected a special providence to make bring me to the South.

My maternal uncle at the time studied at Waseda University, and he needed to return to his hometown, but instead of coming to North Korea he went to South Korea and enlisted in the South Korean Army. Once my grandmother heard this news, that is when my mother heard, and my grandmother said, “Let us go see my son.” That is why my grandmother, my mother, and I went from North Korea to South Korea.

Two years after I came to South Korea, the Korean War erupted. What does this tell us? There are situations that we cannot solve with human will. Heaven has worked through 6,000 years, and for the first time heaven succeeded in giving birth to the only Begotten Daughter. To preserve that Begotten Daughter, to preserve the life of the Begotten Daughter, Heaven worked, isn’t that so? That is why heaven prepared that environment and led me to come to South Korea.

However, in that situation, True Father received a different directive. Heaven asked True Father to go to North Korea. Why did True Father receive that directive? The returning Messiah, the only Begotten Son–that position remained. Jesus came on this earth and Jesus asked True Father, at the age of 16, to complete the mission he had not fulfilled. That is why True Father, in order to restore through indemnity the 33-year life of Jesus, he began his course of restoration. During that period True Father had to follow the directive of heaven, and he had to find the truth of heaven with which to educate all of humanity. True Father successfully completed all of these responsibilities, and in 1960 True Father hosted the Holy Wedding of the Lamb.

When we look at the history of God’s providence, it is truly incredible. The returning Messiah, the True Parents, were born on this earth and have worked to realize heaven’s will, and heaven laid the foundation to restore all of humanity. Today that is the background for which America was specially selected by heaven.

In the 17th century, King James of England led the project to translate the Hebrew bible into English. Through that, common citizens were able to read the Bible for themselves. Until that time, Christianity was unaware of the true center of the providence. It was as if Christianity focused on the external aspects and not the true internal core of heaven’s providence. Christianity developed various guidelines, regulations, and laws that did not allow common people to freely practice their faith and revere God. Therefore, the Puritans began the movement to come to America for the sake of religious freedom. That is how America was founded.

This nation had an owner, however, heaven took the side of Puritans and worked through them so that they could establish the foundation with which to help the returning Messiah. Heaven blessed America abundantly, and in the Second World War America stood as a superpower of the world. It stood in a position of embracing the entire world. Two thousand years ago the Roman Empire was the center of the known world. Likewise, America stood in such a position. What then should have America done? America should have created an environment where the returning Messiah would be received, welcomed, not just in America but all around the world.

However, instead of following God’s will, instead of living for the sake of the world, some people in America followed national interests, developed the secular culture rooted in immorality, and America, instead of following their pure tradition…At the time when America was in great moral crisis, the True Parents came and tried to awaken America to its God-given mission of saving the world and living for the sake of the world.

Today we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally. The environment at that time was not the best, however, the young people of America and the leaders were united and tried to educate this nation. True Father also hosted various rallies to educate this nation. At that time, together with our True Parents, at the frontline, many members worked with our True Parents. Many members from that day are here with us.

What path should America take today? Externally, we can see that various issues are plaguing this nation, and unfortunately America feels like it’s distancing itself from God. Today, all of you who are living in this present age, what should you do? What is the wish of heaven? The dream of the Heavenly Parent, the dream of the True Parents, is to realize one global family under God. It is to embrace all 7.3 billion people around the world as the children of the Heavenly Parent, to form a world of happiness, and to realize the ideal world that God has yearned for for 6,000 years.

Through the advent of True Parents, a new blessing has come to you as the children of the blessed families. It is now time for us to begin a new revolution of the heart to realize and understand the hard work of the Heavenly Parent, of the love of the Heavenly Parent, and to stand before the True Parents and thank them for their work and their love; to live each day in gratitude and to understand the profound, infinite love of the Heavenly Parent, repaying the Heavenly Parent with a life of filial piety, with a life patriotism. I hope that America will not forget this message.

All of you have come here, and America has been proclaimed as the Elder Son nation by the True Parents. True Parents lead a providence that reaches nearly 200 nations around the world. Among all those nations, America stands in the Eldest Son position. If that is the case, then America, as the Eldest Son–what should the eldest son do to bring happiness to the parents? It is to embrace all the brothers and sisters. The eldest brother should not seek his own happiness. The eldest son should bring happiness to the parents by uniting all the brothers and sisters, so that the entire family can live in happiness together. That is the responsibility of the elder brother. What do you think? Today, is America moving in that direction?

All of us will live in this sphere of True Parents’ love. We need to move in that direction. We are moving in that direction. Yet externally, America–politicians in America, or citizens in America–many of them do not share this thought. They seek to fulfill their own personal interest. They seek only to fulfill their national interest. However, in order for America to prosper in the world, it should not seek only its own national interest. We need to live together. I hope that you can join me in educating the world toward this cause.

That is why all of you be proud, be bold–please testify about True Parents boldly. Be proud of True Parents. That is the way to realize humanity’s dream–the Heavenly Parent’s dream. That is the fastest way to realize this dream. Beloved brothers and sisters, will you do so?

Today, when I came here, many thoughts filled my mind. If it is possible, I hope all of you can become one with True Parents, and realize the wish, the ideal of God, so that this nation can stand as a nation that has fulfilled God’s dream. That was my thought as I came here, however, there are many issues that still need to be resolved.

However, I will realize this dream without fail. What about you?

This is why, centering on the Cheongpyeong region in Korea, I am trying to develop a place that can be the center of the world, which we can really bequeath unto future generations, to posterity. I want to establish a beautiful memorial for True Parent’s work. Will you participate with me?

Today, for all of us, each day is a day filled with hope, each day is a day of progress, each day is a day of happiness. Let us live such a life. I hope that all of you can share in this life and participate with me on this journey.

I hope that heaven remembers you and all of humanity can proudly think of you and this nation of America. This is my profound wish and hope and request to heaven. May God bless this nation.