America should exist for the sake of the world; it should guide the way to save the world and serve the world.

By | June 10, 2016

12 America has been existing for her own sake, but this is wrong. America should exist for the sake of the world; it should guide the way to save the world and serve the world. Yet it wants to place the world under itself, and in seeking for its own benefit it even abandoned God. America lost the vision of building a world of peace for all people throughout the world. It is because of this selfish motivation to misuse the victorious foundation it inherited at the end of World War II that God’s work has declined in America. America was supposed to create the base upon which God could act on a global scale, but it did not do that. This is the reason America is gradually declining.

As a result, Cain is invading. The Cain side is moving in by promoting habits and lifestyles in the secular world that are rooted in Cain-like values and traditions. America has its own traditional values, and lifestyles based on those traditional values, but they are being overwhelmed. Cain’s foundation of secular, worldly values is seeking to put itself above Christianity and Christian values. This is the reason the US government is attacking Christianity and eroding the right of religious freedom. This onslaught of secularity is also the cause of many other problems that are becoming increasingly serious, such as prohibiting school prayer and withdrawing aid for religious schools. These issues all reached their peak around the time I was incarcerated in Danbury. Although they had been pressing for some time, it was my imprisonment that awakened people to these issues. (148-145, 1986/10/08)

13 In Jesus’ day, he lost everything. He lost his disciples, he lost Judaism, he lost his nation, the world, and heaven and earth. However, now with the victory that I gained upon my release from Danbury Prison, we will enter the time of heavenly fortune when we can recover all that was lost. From now on, we should be able to build up our substantial authority such that we can lead and guide the world.

You learned about the indemnity course of eight stages, but who did it and when was it done? You were not able to make the necessary indemnity conditions to restore the position of the elder son, so I did that mission. Representing the Abel position, I restored the position of the elder son. You have borne witness to it. Now that I have restored the elder son, centering on me the Unification Church is ascending from the position of the younger son to the position of the elder son.

This means that the one who was the elder son in the past must go down to the position of the younger son, thus reversing their positions. In other words, Christianity, which represents the elder son, needs to support and follow the Unification Church by taking the position of the younger son. It cannot abide by heaven’s principles unless it does so.

True Parents can revive the world only after accomplishing through indemnity the reversal of the positions of the elder and younger sons. This is based on the Principle of Restoration. Only with this condition can they emerge as the Parents with the authority to lead the world. This is now done. I fought Satan and regained the birthright of the elder son; as a result, the elder and younger sons have been restored to their proper positions.

I went to Danbury Prison on July 20, 1984. When I entered prison, a prominent black Christian leader, Dr. Joseph Lowery, and a prominent white Christian leader, Rev. Timothy LaHaye, came together to support me. In Jesus’ time, the two thieves quarreled while he was on the cross. However, in my time, the two became one. This has built the best bridge to enable the white world and the black world to advance in harmony. (135-183, 1985/11/13)

(from Cham Bumo Gyeong Book 7, C3-S4:12~14)