you need to pour out all your energy to witness to college students

By | September 9, 2016





….you need to pour out all your energy to witness to college students. We have to raise them as the future leaders of the Unification Church and of this country. The quickest way is to educate them, and through them purify your country’s mistaken social customs. When they graduate from university they are of marriageable age, and then if they receive the Blessing, they can create true families. Then, when they enter society, they can purify the whole nation. In order for the next generation to take their position, you first need to witness to university students. You have to properly organize the education of the next generation, and, under the leadership of your national messiah, you must witness to university students.

The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) must be activated if…. is to develop. You, as university students, are in an age group from which you can grow up to be the future leaders of this nation or the church. The responsibility of college students is very important. In order to fulfill this responsibility, strive to become role models in everything, both in studies and activities. You must make your manner and appearance such that your fellow students will want to become your friends and want to work with you for the Will. Your CARP activities are important for the future of our church. The entire church must cooperate in harmony and embrace the CARP members, just as I must embrace Cain and Abel. The church is in the mother’s position, and it must actively help CARP. We must educate college students well.

CBG-8-3-6:26-27(True Mother, 2006/08/9,10)