International Leadership Conference Begins

International Leaders Discuss Freedom, Family, Environment


On November 29, the International Leadership Conference (ILC), taking place from November 28 to December 1 in Washington, D.C., had its first full day of panel sessions covering the freedom of conscience, marriage and family, solutions to protecting the environment, and freedom and responsibility of the press.

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Sunhak Peace Prize 2017 Laureate Announcement


Hon. Dan Burton speaks at the Sunhak Peace Prize 2017 Laureate Announcement


On November 29, 2016, the recipients of the 2017 Sunhak Peace Prize were revealed at a banquet held at the International Leadership Conference (ILC) in Washington, D.C.

The program was emceed by Dr. Thomas Walsh, Chairman of the Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation, who shared the background of the prize and its vision to inspire “living with a sense of responsibility that envisions making this world better for future generations.”

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ニュースレター「日本統一運動News Letter VISION2020」の第92号(11月30日号)を発行しました。


1.  真の父母様が、佐賀・唐津のトンネル現場を初めてご視察
2.  宋龍天・全国祝福家庭総連合会総会長のメッセージ
3.  徳野英治会長のメッセージ
4.  世界に平和と繁栄をもたらす「日韓トンネル」

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Your Weekly Update – November 23


11-23-16 Weekly Update Thanks Giving from Family Fed USA on Vimeo.

The National Ministry Team wishes you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving and a warm start to the holiday season! We look forward to welcoming True Parents to America next week as True Mother visits Washington, D.C. and New York. Register at for the upcoming celebration with True Parents at the Manhattan Center in New York on December 3.



1. 真の父母様の動静
– 天地人真の父母様招請鮮文学院、鮮文大学主要幹部 午餐特別集会
– 2016 アジアトップガン 21日特別修練会
– 天地人真の父母様主管 収穫感謝祭 特別晩餐会
2. 世界ニュース
– 神氏族メシヤ活動 (韓国:イム・ジョンヒョク、キム・ミョンオク ソウル西部教区長家庭 神氏族メシヤ430家庭完了 / ネパール:神氏族メシヤ祝福式 / タイ:新食口原理および祝福家庭修練会)
– 平和運動 (日本:ILC2016 / フィリピン:ミンダナオ州「氏族平和セミナー」 / アメリカ:「ご飯が愛である」奉仕活動 / ペルー:アヤクーチョ テロ犠牲者追悼式)
– 青年活動 (フィリピン:スルタン クダラート州「青年大会出帆式」 / 韓国:2016 圓母平愛グローバル奨学生 孝情キャンプ)
– 主要ニュース (文善進世界会長特別講義 / 日本:第20回全国中和文化祭東日本大会 / 日本:文妍娥様 首都圏青年学生指導者特別集会 / 韓国:チェ・ジュチャン イスラエル国家メシヤ聖和式 / アメリカ:海洋教会21日釣り精誠 / コートジボワール:国家戦略共有修練会 / 天一国4大聖物伝授式) Continue reading 週刊ブリーフィング:2016-11-26

Happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Thanksgiving








20161124日             猪瀬 洋・初根



Weekly update:2016/11/18

Your Weekly Update – November 18

Every week the National Ministry Team compiles stories and important upcoming events in a quick weekly update video. Here is what we cover this week:


WFWP National Assembly

From Friday, November 11 to Sunday, November 13, the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) celebrated its 24th anniversary with a national assembly entitled Compassionate, Sustainable Leadership: Women Making an Impact.

The Little Angels

Join the Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea in their upcoming performances at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. (November 29, 8pm) and at the Manhattan Center in New York (December 3 at 5pm).

The International Leadership Conference

The National Ministry Team invites you to keep True Mother in your prayers for her upcoming visit to our nation’s capital for the International Leadership Conference, November 28-30.



1. 真の父母様の動静
– 天地人真の父母様、日韓トンネル唐津現場視察

2. 現場特集
– 東アフリカILC & 世界平和議員連合創設大会

3. 世界ニュース
– 神氏族メシヤ活動 (韓国:イ・ユンヒョン、パク・オクヒョン家庭 神氏族メシヤ430家庭祝福完了 / ネパール・タイ:神氏族メシヤコーチングとホームグループ教育 / ベナン:新食口祝福修練会 / ナイジェリア:新食口夫人修錬会)
– 平和運動 (ルワンダ:平和祝祭 / インドネシア:真の家庭の価値巡回講演 / ウルグアイ:女性連合ピースブリッジフェスティバル / ロシア:教育者・学生のための倫理教育)
– 青年活動 (アルバニア:カープ・成和学生修錬会 / バングラデシュ:宗教青年奉仕団(RYS)プロジェクト)
– 主要ニュース (韓国:2016統一グループ役職員婦人会ワークショップ / 韓国:国民連合、南北統一基金下賜7周年記念懇談会実施 / アメリカ:祝福家庭夫婦教育) Continue reading 週刊ブリーフィング:2016-11-19

Welcome Home, True Parents!


~Welcome Home, True Parents!

Join our True Parents in a celebration at the Manhattan Center in New York on Saturday, December 3 at 3pm. This event, including the Little Angels performance, is complimentary. However, a modest donation is suggested and appreciated. All proceeds will go to the Nigeria Library Project. A donation box will be available onsite. You can also make a donation online here. See below for program details.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Manhattan Center

311 W 34th St,
New York, NY 10001


Tickets can be obtained from your local pastor or via online registration (click below).


Program Details


> True Mother's Message

Prior to True Mother’s visit to New York, she will host the UPF International Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., featuring a special session of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace. True Mother’s return to the United States for these important peace projects gives us much to celebrate.

Join True Mother and members and friends of FFWPU on December 3rd to hear True Parents’ message to us at this time.


> The Little Angels

The Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea was founded in 1962 by True Parents. The dance troupe seeks to convey to the people of the world the peace-loving spirit of the Korean people and the beautiful culture and arts produced throughout Korea’s 5,000-year history.

The group’s polished repertoire, which includes delightful traditional Korean dances, songs, and theatrical sketches, varies in effect from the breathtaking to heart-warming performances. The New York Times dubbed the Little Angels “a phenomenal company,” and the Russian magazine Pravda wrote that they are on “a global peace mission, realizing the most sublime human values and beauty in art.”


> Coat Drive

The FFWPU USA National Ministry Team will be partnering with New York Cares to provide warm coats for the local community. Bring your warm, gently-used coats to donate to those in need.