Cheon Il Guk Missionaries Feel True Mother’s Love in New York

By | June 30, 2017

The six Cheon Il Guk Missionaries meet FFWPU International Vice President, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, in New York City

Determined to make True Mother’s upcoming message, “Peace Starts with Me” a success, six Cheon Il Guk missionaries from Japan flew into New York on Monday evening to spread the word about the Madison Square Garden event and True Mother’s heart for America.

The six missionaries were among the 120 Unificationists who were personally invited by True Mother to the Madison Square Garden event in their last visit to Las Vegas. Moved by True Mother’s decision to speak at the heart of New York City, the missionaries spoke of the significance of the upcoming message. Miho Shimamoto remarked, “America is like a parent to the rest of the world, so True Mother’s decision to offer victory in America is like offering victory for the entire world.” She continued, “So, as missionaries, we want to do our best to support her.”


Miho Shimamoto (left) explains to a Christian New Yorker about “Peace Starts with Me”

The missionaries have visited Christian churches all over New York City. Tamami Nozoe explained the inspiration for this plan: “True Mother really wants to love the Christian people. So, we also want to love them and we really hope that they can hear True Mother’s speech.”

She also explained her desire to show who True Parents are:

True Parents are our parents. They have reminded America about God’s word many times and in many ways. I want to share with the American people how much True Parents have loved them, and I want to love them like True Parents have.

A fellow missionary, Saori Fuse, began to cry as she reflected on this opportunity:

“I have received so much love from Mother. I am so grateful—because of Mother, we were born as Unificationists, and now we are here in New York to share True Parents’ teachings. I want to take all the love she has given to us and continue to give love in her place.”



Watch Rev. David Kasgow discuss the significance of True Parents’ return to the Garden!

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