The Foundation of Unity of Heart

By | June 30, 2017

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Claudette Kambara, state leader for FFWPU in West Virginia, has been relentlessly striving toward the growth of her tribe of 430 couples. On June 24, 2017, under the beautiful lights of Four Points Hotel in Charleston, West Virginia, eight of 430 couples who have received the holy wine participated in the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony.

47 people attended the event, where a hoondokhwae session was held so that those in attendance could receive True Parents’ word before committing to receive the Blessing. One participant remarked, “My life has changed after being introduced to the Divine Principle.” Another participant added, “A new world is coming.” Claudette echoed this participant’s sentiment, explaining, “These eight couples participated in the Blessing Ceremony as a seed for a new world centered on God’s love and True Parents.”

Claudette also expressed joy for the success of the event: “The spiritual atmosphere was so high that I felt True Father was dancing.”

Although Claudette was the primary organizer of this Blessing Ceremony, she was nonetheless extremely grateful for everyone who assisted her in the process: “I cannot fathom creating such a glorious Blessing ceremony without the support of my beautiful and faithful brothers and sisters from all around District 6 and even from Washington, D.C. To all who have supported me from Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C., I bow my head to you in appreciation.”

Overjoyed by the heart of God, Claudette is determined to complete her Tribal Messiahship. “This event will forever be etched in my heart,” she said, “I believe that based on the foundation of unity of heart anything is possible.”

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