True Mother’s Message to the Youth

By | July 26, 2017

After speaking at Madison Square Garden, True Mother made her way to East Garden the following morning on July 16 to speak to young Unificationists who participated in the Hyojeong Youth Workshop. The full transcript of her message can be found below.

Has anyone of you [young people] received the Blessing? Most of you probably haven’t. What did Jesus say to the thief on his right when he was on the cross? He said, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” Why did he say “paradise” and not “heaven”? Jesus came to earth to form the True Parents. I already said this the other day, but Mary, a central figure, did not fulfill her responsibilities. Zachariah’s family, the Jewish people, and the Israelites did not fulfill their responsibilities. Today’s Catholic Church attends Mary like an idol. However, she was the woman who drove Jesus to the cross. Therefore, Jesus said, “I will come again.” He said he would come to hold the marriage supper of the Lamb.

God’s ultimate creation was a man and a woman. They were to grow and finally receive the Blessing from God. They should have become the True Parents of humankind, yet fallen humankind was the result of not doing so.

Therefore, your maturity is most important. You must have a lifestyle aligned only with me, with the True Parents! Just as a sunflower always aligns itself toward the sun, you must unconditionally unite with True Mother. Until you are ready to receive the Blessing, you must maintain your purity. You must not have greed like that of Adam or Eve. The result of that was the Fall. Do you understand?

Heaven is a place that only Blessed families can enter. Jesus used the word “paradise” rather than “heaven” because he had no family of his own. People today are lucky to be able to meet True Parents. You must receive the Blessing through True Parents. Only when you do that can you take the path to be in True Parents’ lineage, which has nothing to do with the Fall. Please bear this in mind. Do you understand?

I will compliment you on one thing. You did very well the other day. Good work. When I call, you will respond unconditionally, won’t you? Thank you.

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