This Week on True Parents Way

By | July 26, 2017

In our blog, Peace Starts with Me, we talk about the ways in which True Mother breaks this world’s concepts and expectations. One, she maxed out Madison Square Garden. Two, she revolutionizes the root of women’s rights. Three, she calls women to be what God created them to be, perfectly different from men.

This week we conclude our 3-part video series on the Eight Great Textbooks. The list is a gateway, not a fence. It is a liberation, not a limitation. True Father calls us to love God and each other, to speak and live the divine Word, to be living testimonies to his life and teachings.

Our Thursday podcast, God Is Simple—or Not, we relate True Father’s words, “You cannot hold onto any particular expectation about how your life should go,” and “Unimaginable complications arose during my course,” to the complicated path of the absolute, unique, representative woman, True Mother.

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