A Weekend in Heaven at Dallas-Fort Worth

By | August 10, 2017

In the following testimony, Marjorie Buessing, wife of the new FFWPU USA President, Rev. Richard Buessing, recounts their experience visiting the Dallas Fort Worth Family Church from August 5 to 6.

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This weekend in Dallas, I experienced heaven. Heaven, where all brothers and sisters of all backgrounds, of all faiths, of all ages, of all ethnic origins were welcomed and at home.

Richard and I were there for the celebration of the first anniversary of the opening of their new church facilities. We were warmly greeted by district pastor Rev. John Jackson at the airport. Many Unificationists had gathered to meet us at the Dallas church for a nice lunch. My husband had attended the grand opening a year ago but I had not so this was all new to me.

The moment I walked into the dining room, it felt as though I had come home. In that room, there were some old friends and many new ones. A multitude of nationalities was represented and everyone was so happy to be together. I was so grateful that because of True Parents, we finally know that we all are brothers and sisters. I find myself smiling now as I reminisce on this gathering.

We took a tour of the building in the afternoon. To say I was impressed is an understatement. There was room for everyone, room for every program and activity, and room to grow. I saw young people practicing basketball in the gym, young adults chatting in the coffee shop, classrooms, a playground, a nice big kitchen that made me itch to cook, and a peaceful clean room for mothers and infants to enjoy the service and be comfortable.

In the evening, Richard and I attended an amazing interfaith Festival for World Peace through music and worship. Some of the ministers of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) and Ambassadors for Peace also participated.

Our choir preformed a song they performed for “Peace Starts With Me” and both Rev. Jackson and Rev. Hernandez spoke. Like “Peace Starts With Me,” this gathering also had people of many faiths and backgrounds, with everyone feeling welcome and comfortable to come together in our church.

Sunday Service the following day was like a family reunion. Brothers and sisters came from all over the huge state of Texas as well as Arkansas and Oklahoma. The band and choir set the atmosphere. Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, the Continental Chairman of FFWPU North America, asked me to say a few words after my husband spoke. Dr. Kim’s message about True Parents’ vision, work, and Madison Square Garden brought even more hope to the community.

We were then treated to a delicious Korean lunch featuring fish from Ocean Challenge in Alaska. The food was great but the fellowship was even greater. I noticed some activity outside at one point and saw Rev. Jackson and parents praying with the team of young people who were preparing to compete in the Blessed Culture Sports Festival. They hope to bring back another trophy in basketball. There was such a sense of truly belonging to one very close and loving family.

True Mother asked us to have twelve new churches in our major cities across our nation. I saw the wisdom of her vision this weekend. This new church building has become the heart and hub of Unificationists’ lives. I heard stories of desperate prayers and incredible miracles to bring this building to True Parents.

At the heart of those stories is the story of love and unity—the story of sincere desire of children to follow and trust their parents. Unity and love of family, trust, love, and honest hard work together is what I experienced at Dallas Fort Worth Family Church.

People were honest about their challenges and working together to be better. Each person is so precious, and together, we are so powerful through love. As I gazed upon the Dallas-Forth Worth Unificationists, I realized I saw the family of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.