Utah Community Meets FFWPU Continental Chairman

By | August 19, 2017

On August 13, 2017, the Salt Lake City Family Church held an intimate Sunday Service with FFWPU Continental Chairman of North America, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, and his wife. After receiving a brief tour of the Capitol and the LDS Temple Square the previous day, Dr. Kim and Mrs. Kim had the opportunity to get to know the community while providing an update on national news within the Unification movement.

As only a few of the Unificationists in Utah were able to attend Madison Square Garden, Dr. Kim detailed the strides taken by Unificationists around the world, True Parents, and our Heavenly Parent to bring 20,000 people of a wide variety of faiths under one roof to praise God. Through Dr. Kim’s heartfelt, inspirational experience preparing for and being part of True Mother’s event at Madison Square Garden, the Utah Unificationists felt as if they themselves had been at the heart of New York City, listening to True Mother’s loving words.


The community then shared with Dr. Kim their latest local news, with the youth describing their previous weekend activities including boating, a picnic outing at the Deer Creek Reservoir, and a Divine Principle workshop for high school students and other activities to nurture a sense of family.

Following the service, the community, Dr. Kim, and Mrs. Kim all sat in a circle for a Q&A session. Sharing a very personal gathering with Dr. Kim, the Unificationists felt closer to the FFWPU International Vice President. While he is also a leader in the movement, Unificationists realized, he is also a brother who devoutly follows True Parents and lives for God. “We all felt the loving heart of Dr. and Mrs. Kim,” said one of the Unificationists in attendance. “We were so grateful that he traveled to Salt Lake City to unify our community with the rest of the nation and movement.”