True Mother’s Christmas Message

By | January 5, 2018

At East Garden on the morning of December 21, True Mother restructured the Unification movement in America in order to facilitate progress toward Vision 2020. The full transcript of her message for the future can be found below. 

Please take your seats. I am happy to see you all. Seeing your faces, I feel, “It is good to have come.” Some of you may not be aware of it, but I have an extremely full schedule. The demands of such a schedule made it difficult for me to come this time, but I purposefully set up a separate schedule and here I am. Now, when I see you, I feel truly happy.

This nation must bring two thousand years of [providential] Christian history to a good conclusion. There is no doubt that this country has been blessed by God. However, with blessings comes responsibility. Responsibility. Moreover, True Parents shed blood, sweat and tears for 40 years in this nation for the sake of the worldwide providence.

Through the initiative of King James, the Bible was translated from Hebrew into English in the 17th century. As a result, laymen could [read the Bible for themselves] and form an understanding of God’s providence. Prior to [the Bible’s widespread availability], laymen could not attend God to their heart’s content due to the man-made institutions and strictures enforced by the Catholic Church. However, as lay believers came to fathom the Bible’s contents, they were moved to develop a movement whose aim was to ‘freely worship God in the family.’ Fully aware of the religious restrictions in force in Europe, these [fervent] believers looked to America. These were the Puritans who emigrated to the American continent.

The American continent [was populated]; it had native owners, native American Indians who lived here. However, Heaven worked to advance the providence through the Puritans. Why was that so? Heaven [worked to establish] an environment for the returning Messiah to be welcomed. Within the relatively short period of 200 years, the United States developed into a democratic nation that currently moves the world. [In order for America to reach this level, Heaven made] various sacrifices.

Therefore, when the United States began placing national interests first, Heaven could not idly watch. Who came as savior when the United States was afflicted with egoism, individualism, the break-down of the family, teenage delinquency and substance abuse? It was True Parents. But how were True Parents treated? Despite trying to realize the dream of Heavenly Parent and the wish of humanity centering on this nation, True Father was even imprisonned. … Would this nation need to pay indemnity as a result?

You need to understand that it took four thousand [Biblical] years for Heaven to send God’s only begotten son, Jesus, among the chosen people of Israel. However, neither [the Israelites nor the Jewish leaders of the time] understood Jesus’ essence or the purpose of his advent. And yet, the desire to usher in a world of peace must have been the same for the people of Jesus’ time as it is for those living today.

And yet, what happened? Jesus had to walk the path of the cross and could not accomplish the purpose of his advent. Mary, a central figure, failed in her responsibility. She is the main culprit behind Jesus having to walk the path of the cross. Nonetheless, the Catholic Church reveres her as the Holy Mother. This is the result of ignorance.

Jesus clearly prophesied that he would return to host the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. What does this mean? It means that Jesus will return to form a family and become the True Parent of humankind. Unfortunately, today’s established Christianity does not clearly understand this point. Moreover, the United States thinks that it owes its prosperity to its own virtues. Unfortunately, self-centeredness is rampant here. What happened to the people of Israel after Jesus had to walk the path of the cross? What indemnity did they have to pay? For two thousand years, the Israelites lived without a nation [they could call their own.] Furthermore, [further calamity befell them] when six million were massacred during World War II.

What caused such calamities? This was indemnity for the crucifixion of the [only begotten son who had come] after four thousand [biblical years] to be the True Parent of humankind. The same applies to you all. Those who are blessed must fulfill their responsibility. What is that responsibility? It is to realize the dream of the true owner of this cosmos, God—our Creator, our Heavenly Parent! To do so, humanity must be born again through True Parents, who have victoriously emerged in the midst of human beings.

[Looking at its origins], Christianity rose through the Pentecost of the Holy Spirit. The work of the Holy Spirit was then carried on by the apostles. Unfortunately, even the apostles could not provide clear answers about the origin. Throughout history, believers have tried to answer questions regarding the origin’s essence. Unfortunately, since the Bible was compiled by people based on personal experiences and it is filled with parables and metaphors, clear answers cannot be found. What is clear is that Jesus prophesied his return to host the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Hence, any effort to understand [the origin] must focus on this point. However, what happened? There has been little progress.

When the time for True Parents’ advent drew near, Heaven blessed the democratic nation of the United States to lay the foundation for True Parents’ advent. Moreover, as the center of the providence to welcome the returning Messiah, the only begotten daughter must be born. The returning Messiah’s advent cannot be complete unless God’s only begotten daughter is born.

Despite being fifty-years strong, the Unification Church has not properly taught [about the only begotten daughter] because it was not embraced by Christianity. This is why I have been revealing the truth regarding [providential] history. When did I begin to do so? During the 50th anniversary of mission work in Europe. I proclaimed that “I am God’s only begotten daughter!” in the UN Office in Vienna. [During my address, I also] proclaimed that “We should not engage in a movement to believe in God, but in a movement to attend God!”

Although I have clearly revealed and taught this, humanity still remains ignorant. Hence, you who have learned the truth and received the blessing ahead of others, what should you do? You must fulfill your responsibility! You must fulfill your responsibility!

I listened well to the report on [Heavenly Tribal Messiahship] in the United States. Even though it feels a bit late, it was very good to see [the American movement] set goals with the determination to run forward! However, the right providential time does not wait for us. We have a goal, VISION 2020 and [idly continuing] with our current ways is greatly insufficient for victory. You need to change. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Korea, Japan and the United States are the central nations in the global providence and I am restructuring all [three] nations so that as I lead you all on a charge towards the high ground, we can reach this high ground without fail. Will you [charge] forward? [Yes!]

Do you remember what deputy chief of staff Dr. Yun said? If you become one with True Mother—If you unite as one with me—heavenly miracles happen. You all must personally experience this. Look at the [amazing] things happening. Isn’t that so? Until when will you remain in the evening? You ought to usher in the morning and see the bright morning light… To do so, you need to rise, unite in mind and body and act. Do you understand? [Yes.]

This is why prior to coming to America, I restructured Korea. Korea is the fatherland, God’s homeland. Shouldn’t such a nation’s dignity stand properly? This is why [when restructuring], I considered Korea to be a region (continent) and divided it into five sub-regions. Each sub-region is equivalent to a nation within the Korean region. Do you understand? If a leader’s area of responsibility is too large to manage, that area must be divided. This is why I appointed [sub-regional leaders] in each sub-region.

My request to all leaders is the same one I made five years ago: Family Federation must advance with the spirit and the truth. The spirit and the truth! Unfortunately, it is true that [some of you] have not been able to deeply experience [the spirit and the truth]. However, I can no longer wait. As I implemented the restructuring of our movement, this is what I said during the Osaka rally, “From now on, humanity and the multitudes of believers in various faiths should not limit themselves to believing; you must guide [humanity] to attend God and to do so, you must fulfill the responsibility of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship.” The movement to attend God should begin at home, [then expand] to your neighbors, your tribe, your nation and the world. When the entire world attends God, the world of peace and happiness that is the wish of humanity, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth can be realized! [Applause]

You need to know that this responsibility must be fulfilled while True Parents, when I, the Only Begotten Daughter, am still on earth. [If you do so], you will be remembered and revered by posterity. Your descendants will sing your praises, saying, “Our ancestor was a filial son, a filial daugther, a [true] patriot!’ The recognition as filial child is only possible while the parents are alive. Once the parents have ascended, no matter how devotedly you seek to be filial, no-one will recognize your efforts. The time for recognition will have passed. As this very moment, whether or not you fulfill your responsibility will determine your past, your present and your future. It will determine whether or not your descendants will live with no indemnity and live the blessed life of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Understand that you need to open the path your descendants will walk.

Now, the Unites States is too big to consider as a nation. There are fifty states, right? This is too great a responsibility for one single person to manage. Therefore, I would like to restructure HSA-UWC into five sub-regions and establish a system such that 100% to 120% results can be achieved.

The present HSA-UWC system is now over; it is now ‘Family Federation for a Heavenly America.’ The headquarters of the American movement is in New York, right? [Yes] The area centering on New York will be sub-region 1. The area centering on Washington, D.C. will be Sub-Region 2….Rev. Kim Ki-Hoon will later explain the details to you. The United States will also be divided into sub-regions 3, 4 and 5. [The goal for each sub-region] should be, how can we achieve the national restoration of the United States by 2020? Let us make it happen! I am implementing this restructuring so that the ‘Let us make it happen’ movement [can take root].

All organizations must come together and provide their full support. The current president of HSA-UWC is now the president of Family Federation for a Heavenly America and the sub-regional director of sub-region 1 will be the vice-president. As regional group chair, Rev. Kim Ki-Hoon must assiduously tour the country and ensure that churches, family churches and even community (tribal) churches are established in all fifty states and all areas so that Family Federation for a Heavenly America can guide the people of this nation to realize the time has come for all of them to receive the Blessing and attend Heavenly Parent and True Parents with a heart of gratitude.

Beloved leaders, will you do so? This is the only path for this blessed nation, the eldest-son nation, to stand proud before the world and stand proud before Heaven in the position of having fulfilled its responsibility. Do you understand? [Yes.] You must do so. [Yes.]