The 5th Anniversary of Foundation Day

By | March 6, 2018

For exclusive coverage of the Foundation Day celebration, watch the video above! 

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The fifth anniversary celebration of Foundation Day took place on February 28 at the Main Hall of the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center.

On Foundation Day, Unificationists celebrate the unity between Heavenly Parent and the earth, with True Father in the spirit world and True Mother on earth.


With the international membership of the Family Federation in attendance, True Mother delivered a speech highlighting the importance of fulfilling responsibilities. In fulfilling these responsibilities, Unificationists are on the path to inheriting the heart of True Parents, she explained. She reminded everyone that despite the mistakes of human history, all people yearn to return to God, as all children seek to be united with their parents.


Another highlight from the celebration was the musical performance of the Apple Heaven USA and the New Hope Singers. Together, they sang and danced to traditional Korean songs. They showed the unity between America with Korea not only through the music itself, but also through their clothing, as the women were dressed in hanbok, traditional Korean dresses, while the men were dressed up as cowboys.


In case you missed the live broadcast, watch the full event above!