Dr. Kim Delivers Sunday Sermon at Belvedere2018-09-15

By | September 28, 2018

Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim visited the Belvedere Family Church on Sunday, September 16 to update the congregation on providential activities of the last six months and to provide information about events happening in the near future.

Dr. Kim reported on the progress of tribal messiahship and shared an inspirational message congratulating the efforts of Unificationists who have worked actively to introduce the Divine Principle to neighbors, friends, and classmates through witnessing and groups like the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles. He remarked that many communities have grown in size and expanded to new church buildings because of their determination to share God’s message with the world. Dr. Kim acknowledged the hard work of the Belvedere church and encouraged the crowd to continue their efforts as tribal messiahs.

He also spoke to the youth present, challenging them to step up as future leaders of the Unification Movement. He asked that all young people consider attending Generation Peace Academy after graduating from high school.

Dr. Kim finished his sermon by sharing details about the upcoming Peace Starts with Me Rally where True Mother will be in attendance. He explained that this rally provides an important opportunity for Unificationists living nearby to contribute. It was an uplifting message that left the crowd excited for True Mother’s visit.

After his Sunday Service, Dr. Kim met with the church council to encourage its members to expand their focus outward. He explained that the large Belvedere congregation can support smaller communities of the greater New York and surrounding areas by giving financially to them.

Dr. Kim’s visit invigorated the Belvedere Family Church and reminded its congregants once again that they are living in a time of great spiritual significance.