Peace Starts with Me Ticket Advisory

By | September 28, 2018

Peace Starts With Me

Nassau Veterans Coliseum, November 12, 2018

There Are Two Ways to Get Your Tickets

1. Tickets are sold publicly online through Ticketmaster. Here is the direct link to get your tickets and choose your seats: Peace Starts With Me on Ticketmaster. Please note that there is an additional service fee that is applied by Ticketmaster for each ticket you buy.

Ticketmaster will sell up to 8 tickets online in one transaction. Sales are particular to a seat choice on the site prior to the final sale.

2. It is also possible to buy from the Nassau Coliseum Box Office, either in person or by phone (516-231-4848 then press 1 to buy tickets by phone). There are no additional Ticketmaster service fees when purchasing from the box office.

At the Box Office, it is also possible to buy tickets in bulk, but only by the pastors*. The box Office has a list of Pastors’ names who are authorized to buy tickets in large quantities, so you’ll need to coordinate with your pastor if you wish to buy in bulk or avoid the Ticketmaster service fees.

*Pastors may call or visit the box office at the Nassau Coliseum and purchase a larger amount of tickets, securing seating for a group in a particular section.

No Ticket? No Entry

Please make sure you have your ticket either a print of the online ticket, or the one you received from your pastor. Everyone needs a ticket to get in the Coliseum. As of the time of writing this advisory, tickets are already going fast, so please don’t delay and think you can get in later.

Ticket Pricing

Yes, the tickets cost some money, but this is still cheaper than a basketball game. We are entering into a new era where our events will be sold out and people will be happy to pay, so this is a small step towards that. We have established ticket prices from $35 to $250, even though each seat is worth $1000.

Here are the price points based on the seating chart on Ticketmaster and below:

Green – 200s sections: $35                                   (ticketmaster – 33.50+ service fees)
Orange Bowl – 100s sections and floor $45  (ticketmaster – 43.50+ service fees)
Purple – Floor (back of the 1st half) $100      (ticketmaster – 98.50+service fees)
Blue – Floor (front): $250                                     (ticketmaster – 248.50+service fees)

There is also a $6 processing fee applied to each purchase

If you buy in bulk with a 501C3 you do not pay any sales tax.

Let Us Know You’re Coming

This is Extremely Important. Ticketmaster will not give us any personal information, so we won’t really know who is coming or where you are coming from if you buy online. Therefore we’ve set up a way for you to let us know you are coming. Please do this, regardless of how you buy, make sure you report it.

As soon as you buy your tickets, please let us know by filling out this simple form.

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More information about the event and suggested accommodations will be coming soon.