By | July 25, 2019

Ever since we received the Blessing, my husband and I have promised to live for the providence in complete harmony. As True Parents said, “Before seeking to dominate the universe, first achieve dominion over the self!” I have always lived with the realization that I must always look for the source of any problem not in the other person but within myself. Since there is still fallen nature within me, the existence of “me” is exposed when I become angry. Therefore, I have persuaded myself that if I spit out anger, I must surrender to Satan, because I cannot achieve dominion over myself. I must die to win over Satan. This has become a promise for my husband and me and a motto of our life of faith. As a result of defending this principle, my husband and I have never fought in 42 years. We have controlled ourselves with the perception that “My partner’s shortcomings are my shortcomings.”

I think my three physical children, along with my spiritual children, were able to take part in the Blessing with such a heart because they have seen how my husband and I have lived as a couple. Our two sons and one daughter received the Blessing when they were young, so we already have ten third-generation grandchildren. Thanks to our family life principle, on our 30th Blessing anniversary my husband presented me with a plaque in recognition of my 30 years of keeping the heart of a parent. I also gave my husband a plaque of appreciation to express my gratitude to him. Furthermore, our spiritual and physical children gave us a plaque in appreciation for showing them an example of how to live diligently based on True Parents’ instructions as their mom and dad. In practicing True Parents’ words, I think the key to our family life was the truth that an absolute object arises from an absolute subject.

~from Testimony from Mrs. Kang Deok-rye

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