True Mother’s Message and Victory Toast at the 56th Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding

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3.16 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 4th Year of Cheon Il Guk (April 22, 2016) at Cheon Jeong Gung

 Thank you.

Members from around the world are commemorating this occasion with us today.

Today, we are living in anxiety, unable to spend even a single day in happiness, due to all the difficult and tragic problems striking the world and the unimaginable natural disasters triggered by global warming. Humanity has striven to find ways to establish one world under God, but their dream has been of no avail. That is because they do not know the providential history our Creator, God, originally conducted. I believe that you were able to learn a lot about True Parents through the preceding long program.

That is so. Heavenly Parent and humanity’s dream is the True Parents. Only through True Parents can all problems be resolved. Hence, you, who have met True Parents first, must show it to others. You must teach it to others. You must be able to boldly tell the whole world that True Parents have come and that they are the hope of humanity. Our Unification Movement are to raise revolutions of the heart, culture and arts around the world.

Many famous artists were born during the 2,000-year Christian history, but they had no center. As of now, Heavenly Parent and True Parents will always be with all Unificationists in the Cheon Il Guk era as we advance forward. We will certainly establish the substantial Kingdom of Heaven on earth, which humanity long hoped for, by mobilizing our devotion and everything we have. With the hope that you will all join this endeavor, I would like to propose the toast of victory. Let us all shout “Victory” (Seung-ri) three times with the determination that we can victoriously realize our dream, Heavenly Parent’s dream and humanity’s dream.

Victory to Heavenly Parent’s dream and our dream!!!

Victory! Victory! Victory! (Seung-ri! Seung-ri! Seung-ri!)



第五節 アメリカ建国二百周年の記念大会、全文はメンバーサイトに掲載されています。(メンバーログイン必要)


真の父母様は、アメリカの建国二百周年記念行事を二度にわたって開催された。その一回が、一九七六年六月一日、ニューヨークのヤンキー・スタジアム大会である。五万人が参加する中で開かれたこの大会は、悪天候と反対勢力の蠢動の中で行われたが、真のお父様は「アメリカは神の希望」というテーマのもと、「私は病に蝕まれていくアメリカに、医者として、消防士として来た」と訴えられた。この講演は、アメリカの誰も成し得ない歴史的宣言であった。完成路程である第三次七年路程の決戦を、世界の中心であるアメリカ、それもアメリカの中心的都市であるニューヨークで行うことにより、世界史的な善悪の分岐点において、総蕩減的な基準を立てられたのである。六月十四日付の「ニューズ・ウィーク」誌は、表紙に真のお父様の写真を掲載し、「一九七六年の人物」として報道した。 Continue reading 真の父母経より:CBG-B6-2-5






今晩、私は「アメリカと神のみ旨」というテーマでお話したいと思います。 Continue reading アメリカと神のみ旨

CSG: B4-4-4:14~15

14              When Adam and Eve mature, they come under the invisible dominion of God’s love.  From the vertical summit, God descends and firmly stands at the very center of the horizontal line where Adam and Eve are positioned at each end.  When the vertical subject, God, becomes the central core of the horizontal plane, Adam and Eve, as the minus, be come absolutely one with God, who is the plus.  Then based on the love of God, who is the vertical core, Adam and Eve meet at that place and begin moving up and down.  Once they commence love-making, God does not simply remain still.  Even when a husband and wife kiss, they do not simply close their eyes and touch their lips; they passionately caress each other and turn round and round.  God’s love is vertical.  When we catch fire with love, God descends at the temperature of molten lava, several thousand degrees, and collides with us.

15              The love between husband and wife is the force that implants God within them.  Originally, parents are to stand in God’s position, with the husband and wife each representing one side of God.  Their sons and daughters also are small embodiments of God.  Once they connect to the true love of God, the origin of true love, all of them become part of the same body.  Parents are living representatives of God on earth.  The husband and wife represent God, as do the children and the grandparents.  In this way three generations stand in God’s position, centered on true love.  Parents, husband and wife, and children are each in this position, but for this they need true love.  A family structure centered on true love like this is the foundation for the kingdom of heaven.  Without achieving such a foundation we cannot build the kingdom.  This is the formula.


14 アダムとエバが成熟すれば、見えはしませんが、愛の主管を受けます。そして、縦的な頂上にいる神様が降りてきて、横的な立場の両端にいるアダムとエバの中央に来て立つのです。そのように、縦的な主体である神様が横的な位置の核にいるようになれば、アダムとエバはマイナスなので、プラスである神様と完全に一つになるのです。



15 夫婦が愛するということは、神様を植えることです。本来、父母は本然の神様の立場を代表し、ここで夫と妻は、互いにもう一方の神様になります。そして、息子、娘は、また一つの小さな神様です。神様は真の愛の本体なので、真の愛と連結されれば皆が同じ体になります。




God’s Hope for America: 1976-06-01(English)









Continue reading アメリカに対する神の希望(アメリカは神の希望)


神様の心情を代表することができる真の孝子、孝女として、人類の真の父母として登場するその儀式が小羊の婚宴だというのです。このお祝いが行われた ならば、家庭的な基準が立ちます。新しい家庭の基準が立ったあとには、天の主権を中心とした国家と世界の基準を立てなければなりません。

Continue reading 1960年4月24日のみ言より

Parents’ Day on April 2, 1965

True Father wrote letter to True Mother on 4/7 about this True Parents’ Day celebration:

This was the first Parents’ Day in America and the first time America attended me.  Because I wanted to celebrate Parents’ Day in the capital of the United States, I concluded my busy national tour, passed through San Francisco, and flew to Washington, DC, on March 31.  With the deep sincerity of the Washington members, I celebrated this historical event.  Members from many different regions attended.  God was with us, and we spent three days together with no regard for day or night.  We had a very good experience.

These are some parts of the True Father’s speech on 4/2/1965, Washington D.C.

After World War II we witnessed a very interesting and significant development. of history. After World War I and victory, great history was made. Have you ever wondered why, after World War II, the country which won the victory must serve and support those whom they fought? America, at the top of civilization of the 20th Century, has to bear the burden. America may not realize it, but from God’s point of view it was inevitable she must take up the burden. And God blesses America because of His love for Jesus Christ. Jesus’ will and mission were God’s also. Why is America blessed? In order to give America His blessing, God has to gather many things withheld from other lands. This is not a cheap thing. God earned this blessing with His sweat and blood and gave it to you. Therefore, we must come to the realization that America’s material conveniences and technological development are not given for pure enjoyment. No, even greater. You must realize these things come from God and cost His blood, sweat, and tears.

Your ancestors, Puritans, the Pilgrim fathers who came to this new and unknown world fought for God, risking their lives. Are you ready, if God calls upon you, to stand up and leave what you have; give it to the worldwide movement? Are you ready to respond to this call of God? In other words, God will order you to leave where you are and go to the land of Canaan, which is the Kingdom of Heaven. This journey is your homework, your task. If all Americans are as brave as their forefathers were and if they are really willing to respond to the call of God, then the Kingdom of God is very near.

You may be sorry, you may regret my saying this. We have such a stylish movement, we are settled down, where should we go? Then let me ask you: where are you and what do you have and what are you doing? Do you think you have the elements of the Kingdom of Heaven? In your society, what you have, can it be entered into the Kingdom of Heaven as it is?

After World War II more nations got their independence; nearly 110 nations claimed independence. Those who are advanced, those who are more famous in the sight of God must fulfill more blessings and assume more responsibility. This is Father’s heart. If a parent has many children and some of them are suffering, the parent wants to save the suffering children but the parent has no power to do this. He might even deprive his elder son of things in order to give more to his younger son. If our Negro brothers stand in that position, how would you react? We might see with our eyes the differences in color, but God is color blind. He can’t see colors, white or Negro; He sees differences of Heart. God might command you to save yourselves by giving to them because they are suffering.

It is common sense that God is really the Father of mankind and His command must be done. And when that call comes to you, ask your heart, Are you willing, are you ready to go? I One way or another, you have to give yourselves.

We must search for that individual in perfection, the family in God, nation in God, world in God, who can be leader over the world. This is our destiny. This is the destiny of those who claim to live a religious life. In order to lead mankind toward this one inevitable goal, we must find one man for this position. This is the purpose and objective of God, the objective of the Lord to come, and the objective of all man who follow. This is truly the hope of mankind, that we find a true individual, family, nation, and world in which God can be the true Master so that He and you may be unified in the parent and son relationship. This is the goal of all men. This day is inevitable.

However, God never works in violence. This day will not come as a typhoon or hurricane. Maybe this day will come in darkness as history reveals to us. Hardly anyone knew Abel’s mission. People knew about the mission of Noah. Everyone knew that God blessed Abraham as the father of mankind, but no one knew that Jacob deprived Esau of the blessing. No one comprehended God’s commandment to Moses. The people, did not know the reason for the birth of Jesus Christ. As history reveals, the turning point of the history of God is not like a thunderstorm on a worldwide scale. It begins with one man. Those who can realize who he is and what his mission is, they are the blessed. What a precious discovery to find that person and that day! That is the day of hope for God, hope for the Lord, hope of man.

That is the day of hope, the day of the True Parents. Why? Because all mankind has been without True Parents. Satan has been the parent. Have you ever considered that God’s blood is not running in your veins but the satanic element is. Have you ever hated this thought? The basic teaching of Christianity begins with denial. Don’t do this! Don’t do that! In other words, our blood came from the wrong father. Life came from the wrong father. If human sin had not been involved it wouldn’t have taken 6,000 years. Jesus signified symbolically, “You are the wild olive tree, and I am the true root.” What does a wild olive tree have to do with his mission? The first thing the wild olive tree has to do is cut off one branch and be grafted to a true one. Have you been grafted to Jesus Christ? Jesus alone was the true child of God. The blood of God thrived in Jesus, His ideal. Jesus was worthy of the manifestation of God. You should be grafted to this true vine to make a new return, a homecoming. But this returning could never be made. The tradition of Christianity does not govern the Principle.

In a true marriage, where do you belong, who owns you? Decide! You must be sad. You must react as one body with Christ. When he is sad, you are sad. When he is joyful, you must be joyful. All things must be parallel with Christ. Have you been a good wife? The New Testament clearly testified that we are not yet the sons of God in direct lineage. The only name given to us is adopted sons. We are known as adopted sons. We are not born of God. We do not have His blood or His lineage. Two thousand years ago Christ came, and what day has he been longing for, do you know? He wants to celebrate Parents’ Day so badly. The Israelites demolished it. Jesus frequently announced his relation ship with the people. I am the bridegroom, you are the bride. I Yes, he has been seeking his bride. The day he secures and inaugurates his bride, they become the True Parents of mankind. But this hope was prolonged until the time of the Lord of the Second Advent. Revelation clearly announced to you that the Marriage of the Lamb was ready and the Bride of the Lamb made herself ready. Those who participate in the marriage supper are the blessed ones. This is the true world of God. This is the day of fulfillment of the Lord of the Second Advent.