Breakfast Celebration with True Mother Follows Festival


On Monday, June 6, around 140 Unificationists gathered at East Garden to continue the celebration of the 40-year anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally with True Mother. Over breakfast, True Mother spoke once again about America’s God-given responsibility and the significance of her identity as the only begotten Daughter of God, while elaborating on the necessity for Unificationists to create a culture that will not only reflect God’s ideal to the world but will guide the world to realize that ideal. The above is a video recap of this morning gathering. Continue reading Breakfast Celebration with True Mother Follows Festival

Seminar Cleanses the Heart, Renews the Spirit



A group of eight students spent a week at the beautiful in Las Vegas for the eighth Seven-Day Divine Principle Seminar the International Peace Education Center. The group was diverse, consisting of three young Unificationists, three new guests, and two veteran Unificationists. The participants not only enjoyed the education, but entertained each other with their unique talents including piano performances, folk tales, and an African dance.

The location provided the perfect spot for students to reflect and bond. Adam Spires, from South Carolina commented, “The International Peace Education Center is a stunning and spotless building, allowing us (I believe) to feel cleansed and worthy to approach God’s word and to gain principled insights. The Peace Education Center, from its shining and pure white tile to the water from its showers, feels special to me—everything makes me feel as if I’m am being blessed and cleansed.”


Many of the participants commented on the enlightening presentations given by Rev. Andrew Compton, educational director at the International Peace Education Center. Michelle Hanssen, a young Unificationist from Rhode Island commented, “I sat down for Rev. Compton’s first lecture on the introduction to the Divine Principle and decided, this is exactly what I need. I didn’t need something I imagined for myself or expected. I needed something different and exciting in a new way.” Others agreed, saying that the presentations were full of passion and new insight.


The students were also able to experience the beauty of the natural surroundings with a trip to Red Rock Canyon, a highlight of the week for many. A visit to the Las Vegas strip provided an interesting contrast for many of the students, too. “Through being so near ‘Sin City’ and especially experiencing ‘The Strip,’ it is evident, on so many levels, that the world and God’s will are threatened. This, for me, is an inspiration to focus more in order to make a difference,” said Adam.


The workshop concluded with a talk on the life course of True Parents and the Marriage Blessing. Many shed tears during the moving presentation. It was a revitalizing and inspiring weekend, made special by the uniqueness of each participant. After the workshop concluded, Rev. Compton reflected, “Everyone was thrilled by the spirit and the beauty of the International Peace Education Center and by the grandeur of God’s creation surrounding Las Vegas.”

To sign up for one of the upcoming Divine Principle workshops at the International Peace Education Center, please visit!

Local Communities Celebrate 40 Years

While thousands gathered in Tarrytown, New York, the rest of the country was celebrating as well. Across the nation, Unificationists celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Yankee Stadium Rally. Several family churches chose Sunday May 29 to put on a local celebration in combination with their Sunday Services. From humble gatherings to large celebrations, Unificationists all over the United States took the time to reflect on the day and to come together as a community. Check out some photos of the festivities shared by the following local areas: Continue reading Local Communities Celebrate 40 Years

CARP USA Renews Appreciation for Unity


As the student delegates of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) USA prepare to return from their trip to Japan, they sent in one final video update of what they have learned and experienced from their sister CARP chapters abroad. In the second and and final week of their trip, CARP USA was able to visit Waseda University and to meet with members of both CARP Japan and CARP Korea, and now testify that they depart with a renewed appreciation both for True Parents and for the value of unity.

For the latest and–for now–final updates from CARP USA in Japan, please visit their daily blog at the CARP USA website through the link below.


True Mother’s Determination Inspires Hope


The downpour that began shortly after True Mother concluded her address was not enough to deter the spirit of those in attendance at the God Bless America Family Festival on Sunday, June 5. In this video summary of the day’s events, see some of the first, hopeful reactions to True Mother’s call for America to rise up in service of the world. There are great years ahead, and we cannot thank True Parents enough for their determination to bring America and the world back to God.

To read True Mother’s speech in full, please click on the link below.


Be Proud and Bold for True Parents-True Mother’s Speech


To watch Video click here: on site

The following is the transcript of the onsite translation of the address given by True Mother at the Belvedere estate in Tarrytown, New York, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally in 1976. To watch the speech, please see the video above. An official translation will be provided shortly. In her message, True Mother conveyed an earnest call for America to rise up and fulfill the long-cherished dream of God, our Heavenly Parent, and the True Parents boldly with love and gratitude.

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Beloved members, blessed families, peace ambassadors, members from the American Clergy Leadership Conference, I’m pleased to meet you today. Today we have gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Yankee Stadium rally. There is something I would like to reflect upon. The Heavenly Parent and the True Parents, at this moment, have an expectation of America. What is that? Let us think about it, please. Continue reading Be Proud and Bold for True Parents-True Mother’s Speech

Another Miracle on the Hudson


3,000 Unificationists gathered at the Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York today to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of True Parents’ landmark rally at Yankee Stadium on June 1, 1976. Though more than three inches of continuous rain, thunder and lightning was in the forecast, the rain held off right until the very last moment when True Mother left the stage after her speech—and then the heavens really opened and the water came down in sheets.
Continue reading Another Miracle on the Hudson



1. 真の父母様の動静
– 天地人真の父母様主管特別集会

2. 世界ニュース
– 神氏族メシヤ活動 (韓国:黄善祚・文聖淑鮮文大総長家庭 神氏族メシヤ祝福式 / ナイジェリア&ケニア&ベナン神氏族メシヤ祝福式)
– 平和運動 (世界平和女性連合、国連NGOカンファレンス / 国民連合、統一博覧会 PeaceRoad2016広報ブース運営 / 国際家庭の日 記念式 (フィジー・ フランスUPF・ペルー) / 日本: UNITE 渋谷でのデモ行進をテレビ局が放送 / パキスタン:超宗教セミナー / コンゴ民主共和国:アフリカの日&世界平和行進 )
– 青年活動 (アメリカCARP:ロサンゼルス伝道活動 / フィリピン:子女指導者トレーニングキャンプ / インドネシア:高校生対象純潔教育)
– 主要ニュース (韓国:漣川定州庭園頌徳碑奉献式 / ヨーロッパ: 朴魯熙&文蘭英 ヨーロッパ総使巡回 / ニカラグア:梁昌植特使UPF活動 / ロシア:モスクワカープ伝道センター開所式) Continue reading 週刊ブリーフィング:2016-06-04