Donation for the 5th Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa

On September 7, 2017, Unificationists and friends from around the world will observe the 5th anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa (ascension). As we take this time to remember our True Father and reflect on True Parents’ ever-growing legacy, the National Ministry Team invites all Unificationist families to join us in creating an amazing celebration of True Father’s life, devotion, and heart. In addition to prayer, we encourage all families to donate $300 or more if possible. Online donations can be made using the below link at :

Japanese Unificationists Share Testimonies from the Garden

Kimie Stana

Three Christian ministers joined my family for “Peace Starts With Me.” They were liberated through experiencing True Mother’s vast and deep heart of love. I realized that it is important to rejuvenate Christian ministers and the young people with True Parents’ heart. I was moved by the dance of the youth from the Hyojeong Youth Workshop and I felt hope for the future of our church.

While I was listening to the music of Apple Heaven, True Mother’s eyes met with mine many times. I felt True Mother had understood all of my work and hardship and I received great comfort in my heart. I faced many difficulties and had a lonely painful heart but I could feel that True Mother understood me completely.

Kayoko Frankowski

I took one guest to the Madison Square Garden event.

I met him about 40 days ago on campus. When I met him I gave True Father’s autobiography.  That night he sent me email that he wants to meet me next day, because he wanted four more copies of Father’s autobiography.  He wanted to give copies to his friends.

Next day I gave him four autobiographies and we read Divine Principle together.  Then I told him about Madison Square Garden event.  He immediately looked at his cell phone calendar and decided to come. He was impressed with the program and True Mother’s speech in particular. It has motivated him to continue reading the Divine Principle with me and my husband. We meet him every Saturday to read the Divine Principle.

I really felt the spiritual world working very hard to bring people.  True Parents shed blood, sweat and tears for America for 40 years.  I’m so grateful that my guest could attend the event.

Mari Kudo

We were so grateful that we could be a part of the special event at Madison Square Garden on July 15. Through the mobilization for this event, we were reconnected to ministers of our past and able to bring 5 ACLC guests from the Boston Area. All of them were so excited with the event and filled with the true love of True Parents.

They had a small argument on the way to NY. However on the way back, they were like good friends, sharing and inviting each other to their churches.

That was possible only by True Parents’ love and spirits they felt through the event.

Also two of five guests have decided to go to Korea this September. She was recording the program from the beginning to the end and she was especially moved by True Mother’s message.

We are planning to start a new chapter of ACLC in Boston area together with other New England states. The success of Madison Square Garden event gave us hope and confidence to fulfill this goal.

Destined To Attend Peace Starts With Me

Continuing our series of testimonies about “Peace Starts With Me,” two Unificationists share about their destined path to see True Parents at the Garden. 


It was not possible to be at Madison square garden without spiritual guidance.  When I heard that True Mother was coming to New York, I had already made up my mind that I was not going to the event.  After I went to a Japanese workshop in January in Las Vegas, I didn’t want to incur any further debt until I had recovered financially.

On June 27, however, as I was reading the Chambumo Gyeong it was as if someone was speaking to me to let me know that I must go to this event.  From then on, I was on a mission, trying to go to Madison Square Garden. Then, numerous people helped me so that I could come to New York and see True Mother.

I knew absolutely nothing about New York. I was able to catch the bus from LaGuardia airport and ride the subway downtown to the Macy’s near Madison Square Garden.  What a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I felt as if the angels were helping me get where I need to be. I don’t know how to explain what I felt.  I just knew that this must be the spiritual realm helping me, so I could come and see True Mother.

It was truly an honor to be at Madison Square Garden. True Parents showed enormous love. Thank you, Heavenly Parents, True Parents, and our only begotten daughter, our True Mother.


It was a pleasure for my family to be able to travel from Maryland to attend True Mother’s speech. Notably, my husband’s sister attended – she is not a Unificationist. We thought to invite her because she lives in Brooklyn. At first she declined, saying that it is difficult for her to sit still for long periods of time.

She has been a regular smoker (and drinker) all her life. She initially said that she would meet us and hang around with us for a while and skip the speech. Then later she changed her mind and said that she would come if we could get seated together with me, my husband, and our twin daughters.  We had already bought four tickets. So what we had to do was buy five new tickets and return the four that we had bought. Luckily, we were able to do that in time.

She attended the speech and had a great time. We were so surprised to hear her refer to True Mother as “Mother Moon.” Combined with the beautiful gathering of many different kinds of people, the amazing music and worship, and True Mother’s speech, this Madison Square Garden brought so much hope for the future for America and for my family.

Behind the Scenes: Mu Jo Geon Dance Performance  

Contributed by Luke Higuchi

A miracle happened at Madison Square Garden on July 15. Through it, I experienced how Heavenly Parent works through determination and unity.

I was assigned to be in charge of the dance performance at the Madison Square Garden “Peace Starts with Me” event. Starting in the middle of June, I tried to recruit dancers through the FFWPU-USA website; we made an open call to spread the information to experienced dancers. But not many people reacted for the first couple of days, so I changed the direction to call anybody who wanted to dance—no experience necessary and any age. I started getting applications from many people.

There were two types of dance performances at Madison Square Garden on July 15. First, there was the Praise Dance, performing with the 2,000-Voice Choir; second, there was the dance to the Korean pop song Mu Jo Geon.

The director of the Praise Dance was Pastor Levi Daugherty, who had the vision to have dancers performing with the 2,000-Voice Choir. He reached out to churches of different denominations through the Praise Dance project. I started to train and choreograph for the song Every Praise with local Unificationists in New York City and New Jersey.

But there were mostly children and adults, not young adult dancers yet.

At the end of June at the monthly leaders’ meeting, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim emphasized the importance of the Mu Jo Geon dance; he explained how True Mother was looking forward to seeing the performance by American youth. 

I was feeling so much pressure, and I had such a difficult time recruiting young people. Sixteen Las Vegas CARP students were scheduled to come to New York City on July 8, and 17 Los Angeles CARP members on July 10. An additional seven young people were coming from the New York / New Jersey area. I had only about 40 members, and only five days to train them by July 15, the date of the Madison Square Garden event. I had no idea where else I could go to find young people.

True Mother was really concerned about the Mu Jo Geon dance performance, and she sent Mr. Oyamada, who had led the Mu Jo Geon dance at the Youth for Peace rally in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 12. I contacted Mr. Oyamada to get advice.

He already had committed to come to the United States. He asked me how many people could dance, and I answered, “About 40 people.” I had no idea that that number would be reported to True Mother.

I will never forget July 3, 2017, the day before Independence Day. It’s a day on which no one likes to practice dance or even get a phone call from anybody. I was relaxing with my family in a Korean sauna on the evening of July 3. But things were happening. I got a phone call at 11 p.m. from Dr. Ki Hoon Kim directly, which had never happened before.

I picked up the phone with a sense of emergency. Dr. Kim spoke to me in a voice that was one octave higher than usual. “I got a call from Cheon Jeon Gung. True Mother is worrying about the United States having only 40 youth for the Mu Jo Geon dance. If you cannot get more dancers, say ‘no’ to me now!” I answered him, “Yes, I can!”

But my body was frozen, even in the Korean sauna. I called Naokimi Ushiroda and arranged to have a meeting with him on July 4. We had a brainstorming conversation about how to make it happen, and a great inspiration came: We should make a stronger impact with 500 young people from the Hyo Jeong workshop.

The next day, we had a meeting with Kaeleigh Moffitt, who was in charge of the Hyo Jeong workshop. She really understood the situation, and she decided to change the workshop schedule to allow the young participants to practice the Mu Jo Geon dance. We made a dance tutorial video and sent it to everyone who was registered for the Hyo Jeong workshop. That was great teamwork. I’m so appreciative of how those young leaders reacted to True Mother’s hopes.

Mr. Oyamada came to the United States on July 7. He and I flew to Chicago on July 10 to train 40 young people at Camp KOHOE (Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) and on to Boston on July 11 to train 40 more young people at Camp Epic.

At the same time 20 Japanese young people, who had had the experience of dancing at the event in Thailand, came to the United States on July 10. True Mother sent them to support the U.S. movement.

On July 10, the CARP Las Vegas and CARP Los Angeles members and the 20 Japanese members began an intense training at the 43rd Street learning center. They had a hard schedule every day: dance practice in the morning, inviting people around the city to the event in the afternoon, and dance practice again after dinner.

Those 60 well-trained dancers trained the 500 participants of the Hyo Jeong workshop the day before the event. Please watch the video; it shows the process in which all the dancers were trained.

That is how the performance of 700 young dancers at Madison Square Garden came to be.

It was a miracle. So many people gave their effort, cooperation, teamwork and unity. I felt that God had prepared the whole scenario in order to raise us up.

I realized that before my determination to make it happen, Dr. Kim’s determination and prayer were there. Also, before Dr. Kim’s determination, there was True Mother’s determination to save the United States and the whole world. Because True Mother made the determination to realize True Father’s dream.

If we are determined, we can do more and greater things in the future to bring about the success of Vision 2020.

Mr. Oyamada said, “The Mu Jo Geon dance is not just a dance. It is also a pledge to True Parents.”

Here is an English translation of the lyrics to Mu Jo Geon.

When you need me, please call me, and I will run to you anytime.

Daytime is OK and nighttime is OK. I will run to you anytime.

If other people call me, I may think about it for a long time.

If Parents [True Parents] call me, I will run to them unconditionally.

My love toward Parents is unconditional and unconditional.

My love toward Parents is a special love.

Even if I cross the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean,

If Parents call me, I will run. I will run to them unconditionally.


Let’s all dance together for the next event!

National 40-Day Prayer Condition

Dear Pastors, Community Leaders, and Blessed Families,

Thank you again for all your investment and efforts that helped make ‘Peace Starts with Me’ at Madison Square Garden a victory for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We truly appreciate everyone’s participation and support.We now look forward to the next step and would like to direct our focus to follow up with all our guests and contacts, as well as the Blessing movement to become victorious Tribal Messiahs.

The next national and international occasion we all look forward to is the 2017 True Parents’ Hyojeong Seonghwa Festival, commemorating the 5th Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa and including the 2017 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony that will take place on September 7, 2017 in Korea (September 6 in the USA).
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