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The Power of Faith in Filling the Garden

As the clock winds down for July 15, Unificationists all over the nation have been making tremendous efforts to create a magnificent event and invite people from around the nation. In the following report, Pastor Shota Iwasaki of the Philadelphia Family Church details his journey in preparing for Madison Square Garden.

The Foundation of Unity of Heart

WRITTEN ON JUNE 29, 2017.  from Claudette Kambara, state leader for FFWPU in West Virginia, has been relentlessly striving toward the growth of her tribe of 430 couples. On June 24, 2017, under the beautiful lights of Four Points Hotel in Charleston, West Virginia, eight of 430 couples who have received the holy wine… Read More »

Returning to God and True Parents

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, FFWPU International Vice President and Continental Chairman of FFWPU USA, delivered the Sunday sermon to the Clifton, New Jersey Family Church on June 25, 2017. As we approach True Mother’s message at Madison Square Garden, “Peace Starts with Me,” Dr. Kim reminds us that the ultimate purpose of our lives–going beyond True Parents… Read More »

This Week on True Parents Way

In our blog, Peace Starts With Me, we deepen our understanding of the mission, value and love of women. “Bringing Adam here on earth is not the direct responsibility of God or even the direct responsibility of Jesus, but the responsibility of Eve, since Eve destroyed Adam in the Garden of Eden. Eve is the… Read More »

We Need YOU to Help Fill the Garden!

Across the nation, thousands will be making their way to Madison Square Garden on July 15 to hear True Mother speak at the national Peace Starts With Me event. True Mother is coming to share with America not only about our need for peace, but how it takes each one of us working in unity.… Read More »

Our History with Madison Square Garden

In the National Ministry Team’s monthly meeting last Wednesday, June 21, FFWPU USA President Dr. Michael Balcomb provided the latest news on True Mother, detailed the Unificationist movement’s deep connection with Madison Square Garden, and emphasized the importance of everyone’s contributions in preparing for July 15, a day of victory.