HJグローバルニュース (2018年 12月 15日)

天に向かう孝情で、太初の夢がなされつつあり、人類歴史の中ではじめて迎えた、摂理の春。 真の父母様は、「希望の年」「前進の年」として開いて下さった、2018年。神アフリカを皮切りに、神ヨーロッパと、神中南米、神アジアをつなぐ、神大陸の祝福を通して、神様に侍り、共に生きる、天一国、神世界を開かれました。

Gathering to Report on the World Tour Victories-Victory Celebration

On December 6, True Mother presided over the Victory Celebration held to report the victories and everyone’s resolutions to establish a heavenly world. More than 3,500 Unificationists, leaders and Ambassadors for Peace gathered at the Cheongpyeong Training Center in Korea where they listened to the three Regional Chairmen’s reports from True Mother’s most recent tour… Read More »

TribeNet 2019 Kickoff Registration

Registration for TribeNet 2019 Are you interested in becoming a Tribal Messiah? Do you want to learn more about Tribal Messiahship? Are you already a Tribal Messiah? RSVP today for the TribeNet workshop happening at the International Peace Education Center from January 13 to 19. Click here to read about last year’s TribeNet gathering. RSVP

Minnesota Family Grand Opening for New Church

The long-anticipated Minnesota Family Church building is finally here! It took more than six months of labor, but the hard work paid off this past weekend. On Sunday morning, December 9, the first ever Unification Church building to be built from the ground up opened its doors for service. The building, which was designed by… Read More »

GPA Students Write Letters to True Mother

GPA Students Write Letters to True Mother from familyfed.org  The 2018-2019 Generation Peace Academy (GPA) students wrote heartfelt letters to True Mother after experiencing True Mother’s love and dedication at the Peace Starts With Me rally at Nassau Coliseum.