We Are God’s Winning Team

By | April 16, 2016


The 430 Tribal Messiahship Leadership Conference was an eventful, fun-filled, practical and informative program, leaving participants refreshed and ready to take Vision 2020 into their own hands. From building bonds as a family to honing in on the value of Tribal Messiahship, participants finished the week strong on April 14 and 15 by setting clear goals, sharing their determinations, and gaining tools to take action.

The theme for day 3 of the conference was “Goal Setting.” Participants explored the Marriage Blessing Ceremony as an outreach tool, learned about the power of trinities as a support system for Tribal Messiahship, listened to case studies and testimonies about Tribal Messiahship around the world, and then set goals for their Tribal Messiahship this year and the next four years until 2020. After a busy, productive and grueling day, everyone headed out to Red Rock Canyon to enjoy the evening and relax in nature.


The last day of the conference focused on action, and participants heard more presentations from around the world, including a testimony from Central America by FFWPU Central America’s Continental Director, Rev. Sang Sok Kim, and from Global Top Gun alumni from Europe. Crescentia DeGoede, Director of the Blessing & Family Ministry, walked everyone through the new FAQ page available on FamilyFed.org, Susan Bouachri and Jaga Gavin shared about continuing education courses available for pastors, and Rev. Andrew Compton invited everyone to attend Divine Principle workshops happening each month in Las Vegas.

In addition to receiving useful tools and information through the presentations, a table was set up with the new Tribe Kit for purchase. The Tribe Kit is a brand new resource, soon to be available to order online, with readings, handouts and activities designed to help kick start your Tribal Messiahship. If you’d like to be informed when the kit becomes available, please click on the link below.

Keep Me Posted About the Tribe Kit


To close the 430 Tribal Messiahship conference, FFWPU USA President Dr. Michael Balcomb and FFWPU North America Continental Chairman Dr. Ki Hoon Kim shared some final words. Dr. Balcomb applauded everyone for taking the time to set goals and understand the strategy of Tribal Messiahship that is so close to True Mother’s heart.

“I hope everyone here feels, I am a Tribal Messiah,” he said. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and reiterated the power of trinities, not only for the sake of the trinity but as a foundation for other trinities so that we all stand behind each other and support each other in our work and our pledge to guide America back to God through the teachings and Marriage Blessing of True Parents. “When we work together, God can move together with us to accomplish our goals.”

Dr. Kim’s final message encouraged everyone to know that they hold a special place in God’s heart and God’s providence, and urged everyone to maintain a God-centered mindset.

“Humbly, I found out my job is that of mediator between True Parents and family members,” he said. “I really want to share True Parents’ heart with each one of you, and share everything you do with True Parents, Heavenly Parent and many other brothers and sisters throughout the nation and throughout the world.”

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