True Parents’ 56th Holy Wedding Anniversary

By | April 22, 2016

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On Friday, April 22, 2016, True Mother along with Unificationists in Korea and international guests and leaders celebrated True Parents’ 56th Holy Wedding Anniversary on the lawn of the Cheon Jeong Gung. As the sky slowly faded to evening and the decorative lights shone brighter, festivities began and were broadcast live around the world.

Mother with 4 leadersTrue Mother and FFWPU Continental Directors

The garden celebration made for a beautiful setting, and the oncoming of spring created a peaceful atmosphere. True Mother, looking vibrant and healthy, took a seat on the stage built around the Cheon Jeong Gung steps, and the anniversary program began.

Outdoor Banquet Wide EveningAn outdoor banquet to celebrate the 56th anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding

Unificationist elders Col. Bo Hi Pak and Rev. Young Hwi Kim shared words on this special occasion about their experience walking side by side with True Father and True Mother for the majority of their ministry. Col. Bo Hi Pak’s story, read to everyone by his assistant, included a heartwarming anecdote about the first anniversary celebration he attended, where he was asked by True Parents to sing a song. He spoke about the beauty of practicing a heart of attendance for True Parents, and testified that through our lives we can bring honor to True Parents’ vision. He closed with final words of hope that everyone in this world come to feel like children of True Parents, as he does.

US leader and Dr PakFFWPU USA leaders greet Col. Bo Hi Pak

Continental Directors from around the world, including our North America Continental Chairman, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, offered a gift to True Parents and congratulated them on their anniversary. True Mother, in turn, offered gifts to each one of the leaders.

Mother with leaders on stageInternational leaders receive gifts from True Mother

True Mother’s message, which was read by Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) International President Prof. Yeon Ah Moon, focused on outreach and teaching others about True Parents, an ever constant vision we hold and practice. True Mother conveyed her earnest determination to see True Parents’ teachings reach every single person by 2020.

Outdoor Banquet YAN close upProf. Yeon Ah Moon reads True Mother’s message

She also said that every problem we encounter can and should be resolved with True Parents, and this is the conviction that will give us the confidence to go out into the world and share about True Parents. After her main address, True Mother offered a toast and then made her way to one of the many dining tables dotting the lawn. Everyone present shared a meal, and soon after, lively entertainment ensued.

Mother table with Little Angels3A performer of the Little Angels group gives True Mother a hug

Rev. Yoo Kyung Sok, President of FFWPU Korea, emceed the entertainment program, introducing several elder Blessed families who shared their testimonies to True Parents on this occasion. Then, several singers graced the stage and offered songs to True Parents. Su Bin Kang, a young unificationist and Korean pop singer, sang several songs, followed by a musical offering by a group of Japanese Unificationists, songs by the Little Angels, and performances by the band, Apple Heaven. To top it all off, True Mother took the stage and sang a favorite tune that she and True Father sang often, Umaya Nunaya, during which the whole audience chimed in. To close this reverent and elegant anniversary celebration, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim led everyone in cheering for True Parents, their 56 years of marriage, and our continuous dedication to their mission and vision.

Outdoor Banquet Little AngelsThe Little Angels sing for True Parents’ Holy Wedding Anniversary

Stay tuned for the video recording of this event, which will be made available next week at

image1The FFWPU USA National Ministry Team holding celebratory ribbon