Winners of the 2016 Poetry Contest for True Parents’ Birthday

By | April 29, 2016

~from (FFWPU-USA official web site)

The results are in!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 international poetry contest celebrating True Parents’ Birthday!

Over 80 international poets of all ages submitted a poem to the English category of this international contest in honor of True Parents’ Birthday, beautifully expressing their love for True Parents, their determination to carry on their legacy, and the many ways True Parents have touched their lives.

Eight top winners have been selected. The first place winner will receive an award of $600. The two second place winners will receive $400 each, and five third place winners will receive $200 each. All contest winners will receive a certificate, and all contest participants will receive a complimentary copy of Realizing the Dream—a compilation of the submitted English poems.

Contest Winners:


First place:

Phebe Ciemny, USA, “The Crown of Glory Inherited

Second Place

Bento Leal, USA, “Happy Birthday, True Parents!”

Tae Hwan Ominde, Kenya, “Story of a Legend”

Third Place

Bénédicte Suzuki, France, “Silently Climbing Mount Modu”

Benny Anderson, USA, “True Love Connection”

Margoth Tove Kalstad, Norway, “True Parents’ Birthday”

Taiyo Immanuel Groening, Germany, “True Parents’ Birthday”

Yojin Higashibaba, USA, “For Your Heart Does Love Me”


Thank you to all contest participants for expressing your sincere hearts and for wishing True Parents a happy birthday! Check back next week to read the winning entries!