True Parents’ Day celebration at East Garden

By | April 9, 2016

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Holy Day Celebration at East Garden

As we move forward in these critical years for God’s Providence, we unite under True Parents’ and Heavenly Parent’s love and vision for peace. Holy Days are a great opportunity to regroup centered on True Parents’ teachings and historical foundation, so that we can move forward their momentum, determination and spirit. ~~from Dr. Kim’s speech

National Ministry Team Looks Ahead

True Mother recently asked  “What is your dream?”  We have great dreams of saving this nation that God prepared, by waking up America like True Parents have done throughout their ministry.  When we work with True Parents, nothing is impossible.  We are the hope of True Parents. ~~from Dr. Kim’s speech

Dr. Michael Balcomb shared about two upcoming events that will echo True Father’s electrifying words at the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument Rallies 40 years ago, a message from God to wake up America to its true purpose. The first event will take place over Memorial Day Weekend, May 28 – June 1, and will include a Bronx Interfaith Parade (May 28), a God Bless America Family Festival at Belvedere (May 29), outreach activities during Memorial Day parades across the country (May 30) and a Holy Ground prayer at Yankee Stadium (June 1). Stay tuned for more information and registration to these events!

Announcement and notes from FFWPU-USA HQ

What did your family and community do on True Parents’ Day? Share your story here. For further reading about the Holy Day, click on the links below.

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