Seminar Cleanses the Heart, Renews the Spirit

By | June 9, 2016



A group of eight students spent a week at the beautiful in Las Vegas for the eighth Seven-Day Divine Principle Seminar the International Peace Education Center. The group was diverse, consisting of three young Unificationists, three new guests, and two veteran Unificationists. The participants not only enjoyed the education, but entertained each other with their unique talents including piano performances, folk tales, and an African dance.

The location provided the perfect spot for students to reflect and bond. Adam Spires, from South Carolina commented, “The International Peace Education Center is a stunning and spotless building, allowing us (I believe) to feel cleansed and worthy to approach God’s word and to gain principled insights. The Peace Education Center, from its shining and pure white tile to the water from its showers, feels special to me—everything makes me feel as if I’m am being blessed and cleansed.”


Many of the participants commented on the enlightening presentations given by Rev. Andrew Compton, educational director at the International Peace Education Center. Michelle Hanssen, a young Unificationist from Rhode Island commented, “I sat down for Rev. Compton’s first lecture on the introduction to the Divine Principle and decided, this is exactly what I need. I didn’t need something I imagined for myself or expected. I needed something different and exciting in a new way.” Others agreed, saying that the presentations were full of passion and new insight.


The students were also able to experience the beauty of the natural surroundings with a trip to Red Rock Canyon, a highlight of the week for many. A visit to the Las Vegas strip provided an interesting contrast for many of the students, too. “Through being so near ‘Sin City’ and especially experiencing ‘The Strip,’ it is evident, on so many levels, that the world and God’s will are threatened. This, for me, is an inspiration to focus more in order to make a difference,” said Adam.


The workshop concluded with a talk on the life course of True Parents and the Marriage Blessing. Many shed tears during the moving presentation. It was a revitalizing and inspiring weekend, made special by the uniqueness of each participant. After the workshop concluded, Rev. Compton reflected, “Everyone was thrilled by the spirit and the beauty of the International Peace Education Center and by the grandeur of God’s creation surrounding Las Vegas.”

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