Breakfast Celebration with True Mother Follows Festival

By | June 10, 2016


On Monday, June 6, around 140 Unificationists gathered at East Garden to continue the celebration of the 40-year anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally with True Mother. Over breakfast, True Mother spoke once again about America’s God-given responsibility and the significance of her identity as the only begotten Daughter of God, while elaborating on the necessity for Unificationists to create a culture that will not only reflect God’s ideal to the world but will guide the world to realize that ideal. The above is a video recap of this morning gathering.

The following are selected excerpts from True Mother’s address:


“Now, the time has come to reveal the truth. Why is that? Because the only begotten Daughter has been born. God’s wish is to embrace all of humanity as His children through True Parents, to realize one family under the Heavenly Parent. The Heavenly Parent is to become the parent of all humanity. That was the purpose of God’s creation.”


“What is the mission of America? It is to embrace the world and stand as the Elder Son nation before the world.

“The reason America could be the Elder Son nation was because your ancestors, the Puritan Fathers, made many blessings. That is why it was possible. Why did heaven bless these ancestors? It was so that when the returning Messiah came to this earth, an environment could be made ready to support the returning Messiah.”


“As we lead our daily lives, human beings are seeking happiness, freedom, peace and unity. Behind each of these words there needs to be art, such as expressing beauty through paintings, through music, and through beautiful melodies. That is very important. In the past, there were many famous artists, especially in the Christian cultural sphere. There were many outstanding artists who were born, yet, regrettably, they were unable to express the dream of the Heavenly Parent….

“Instead of these things, we want to portray the restored Garden of Eden, the place where we attend Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We want to portray the kind of artistic life that citizens of Cheon Il Guk will live. If we can portray that kind of life through art, how happy that will make us!”