Cham Bumo Gyeon: from B5-C2-S3

By | July 12, 2016

12 I toured around Korea often. I thought as I drove over the rough roads of Gangwon Province, “If only this road were a little wider, even by a foot!” This was something that the driver felt as well. Therefore, when we pave our road, it should not be a narrow one that can be traveled only by an individual or a family. When we are building a road, we should make it wide, even if it means we have to work much harder and sacrifice more.

Then what kind of a road should be paved by the family members of the Unification Church, who are pioneering the road of historic destiny? You are the pioneers who work for our people and for all humanity. You hold invisible pick-axes and rakes in your hands. You do not want to receive criticism from your descendants, such as “If only they had made this a little better!” Instead, you should construct a road that will make them look back and wonder, “How on earth did our ancestors build a road such as this?” You are the pioneers who are meant to make such a road. (012-161, 1963/03/16)

15 Even if you are in a difficult environment, you should not criticize your situation. You should be able to digest every circumstance and condition. Since you have set out pledging that you will do so, you should not complain. You need to stand in the public position and not think only of yourself. You are in a historic position in the universe, in which you represent heaven and earth and the will of the whole. Therefore, as you stand in this position of responsibility, you need to make a resolution and pledge. After being trained for outreach activities, you need to go out as leaders. (010-296, 1960/11/11)

18 Even though we harbor sorrows, we should not lament over them, for we know the sorrows of God. If there is a group that stands up before society, saying, “Tell us your sorrow so that we can take responsibility for it and banish your grief through our perseverance, sacrifice and even death,” that group will be living, substantial embodiments of God’s Will, owners who can judge good and evil on this earth.

God has been waiting for 6,000 years, wondering what people or what religious denomination will emerge to do this. He has suffered more than us, hovered on the verge of death more times than us, and gone through more trials and sorrows in His heart than us. He has struggled and endeavored, and yet failed to find a place of rest. We need to know our Heavenly Father as He really is.

Knowing Him as He really is, we should also understand the fact that Heavenly Father has worked throughout the course of history because of us, that He is working for the Will of the providence in this age because of us, and that He is endeavoring with hope for the future because of us. It is our destiny to become filial children in front of a Father who works hard for our sake. Only the people who can set out, saying that they will take responsibility for this on behalf of all people, can become the workers of the new age, those who can lead and manage heaven’s work in the new age. (010-242, 1960/10/16)

19 Now that the witnessing workshop has come to an end, you participants need to depart to places throughout South Korea. People who feel concern for their country are patriots, and people who feel concern for God are His sons and daughters. People who work for their country give birth to children who also worry about the future of their country. If you study the world, you will see that a country that possesses such people and such citizens does not perish. Only such people can set right the old, wrongful history.

You need to become people who are in accord with the heart, hope and circumstances of God. Do not worry about the survival of your body and mind. Be concerned first about the village you are going to. You can find the hope, circumstances and heart of God in that place. Your main concern should be to transform the sons and daughters of sin into the sons and daughters of God. You should never forget that God is worried about today’s individuals, societies, peoples, nations and the world. I have not once forgotten these during the 40 years of my life. (012-100, 1962/12/10)

21 In April 1964 a Divine Principle lecture meeting was successfully held in Daegu. Since God is with us, we need to gather up our courage and fight. We need to have the conviction that, even if heaven and earth change, we will not change. In order to create the history of heaven, we must burn with the conviction that we will indemnify with our painful bodies the bitter sorrow of Abel that pierces history, heaven and earth. We must be filled with the conviction that we will resolve the bitter sorrow of God, and that we will accomplish His Will in Jesus’ stead. All of heaven and earth belong to God, and simultaneously to us as well. The general tendency has now changed. Nobody can persecute us anymore.

The misery of the people living in the mountainous districts, suffering and going hungry, is akin to that of God in the past. When we look at the miserable people, we should grab their hands and weep bitterly. Since those people, who should have become the children of God, are being oppressed by the enemy, when we see that misery we should weep bitterly. Even if you go hungry, you should not despair; instead become loyal patriots who weep bitterly for them. The children who know how to weep bitterly on behalf of the heart of God and Parents are true children. Today’s hunger and misery will change into the glory and joy of the future.

You need to love the nation and the people. You need to resemble the unchanging mind toward heaven that Parents have harbored their entire lives. You should not become exhausted or lament during this springtime of your life. Instead you should shed tears, blood and sweat with an unchanging heart. (014-038, 1964/04/28)