True Parents are the beginning, the process and the result of everything

By | August 1, 2016

~from Cham Bumo Gyeong Book 8, C3, S2

17 What age will come when the age of the national messiah passes? When the national messiahs fulfill their responsibilities, the age of the kingdom of heaven on earth will dawn. Those who are responsible for welcoming this age that is fast approaching should not act on their own accord. They need to be at the center, and mentor the politics, the economics and the culture in their assigned nation from the first to the last. This is the enormous responsibility they need to fulfill. A messiah has that kind of responsibility.

The terms “family messiah,” “tribal messiah” and “national messiah” will not fade away. The beginning of everything is True Parents, so there cannot be any family or siblings without True Parents at their center. The children who are born of the lineage of True Parents cannot deny True Parents. This is because True Parents are the beginning, the process and the result of everything. National messiahs have to follow my direction. It will not do for them to act on their own accord as they see fit, or follow their old habits. Now the time has come for them to move forward, following the formula course. They have to move in accordance with the formula. (283-009, 1997/04/08)