Heavenly Constitution, Blessing and Bible on True Parents Way

By | October 7, 2016

~from familyfed.org

True Parents Way invites you to explore two topics vital to the Unificationist project for world peace and freedom.

One is the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, “the law of the Family Federation to actualize God’s peaceful ideal world.” True Father outlined the character and content of a heavenly constitution for decades. He stated that the love that will liberate God takes form in family laws instituted by means of a constitution.

Upon his passing, True Mother took practical steps to achieve his goal, involving a team of movement elders and scholars in Korea and subsequently from America and Europe. In September of 2014 True Mother promulgated the Constitution. She called for continued discussion, analysis and development, and an amended text was set forth this June.

In a series of posts on True Parents Way, Dr. Tyler Hendricks sets forth the presuppositions, broad outline, and important features of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. The series began last week and will continue for two more weeks.

Also on True Parents Way, you will find the first of a series of five short videos on theHoly Marriage Blessing ceremonies. Entitled “Five Steps to Freedom Forever,” Dr. Hendricks shows how the Blessing stands on the foundation of the Bible, and how these steps—rebirth, resurrection, purification, liberation and completion—fulfill the biblical vision for God’s love on earth and in heaven.

This series is recommended for individuals and couples with a biblical worldview, who are praying and preparing to receive the Holy Marriage Blessing.