Beginning of the Hoon Dok Hwe Tradition  

By | October 14, 2016



On October 13, 1997, True Father officially began a new tradition called Hoon Dok Hwe.

What is Hoon Dok Hwe? It’s a daily morning reading tradition in which Unificationist families set aside one hour each morning from 6:00 to 7:00 to recite the Family Pledge (core pledge of Unificationists), and then hold a daily study and discussion of True Parents’ words.

Hoon Dok Hwe 
is understood to be a gathering for reading and learning. Over the years, in addition to being a cornerstone of morning devotionals, FFWPU sponsored Hoon Dok Hwe conferences for civic and religious leaders that focused on reading and learning True Father’s words.

Today, 19 years later, we speak with Dr. Michael Balcomb, who was actually present when True Father initiated this tradition. We asked Dr. Balcomb to tell us more about the history of Hoon Dok Hwe, comment on the ways this practice has shaped his life, and recommend his favorite readings.

Watch excerpts of our conversation in this video episode of This Week in History, or listen to the podcast below for the full discussion.