34th & 7th Blessing Anniversaries • October 14, 1982 & 2009

By | October 14, 2016

from familyfed.org

We would like to congratulate the 6000 couples of the 1982 Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony who are celebrating their 34th anniversary and the couples of the 2009 Cosmic Blessing Ceremony who are celebrating their 7th anniversary. Congratulations to all the couples that received the Marriage Blessing from True Parents on Oct. 14, 1982 and 2009.

The below video was created for the 30th anniversary of these 6000 couples. It features testimonies and precious stories of the participants.

“Through the 6000 couples, Christians in the vertical, Abel position and non-Christian peoples in the Cain position worldwide were connected. The fact that I made these connections through the 6000 couples means that the era of Satan’s world attacking the family has passed. The spiritual standard of the growth stage has been established on the national level. In establishing the global standard, since the spiritual foundation of Christianity works as the global foundation, the substantial global standard had to be connected to the Christian cultural sphere. To do this, I went to the United States and carried out revival activities nationwide. Wherever I went I was welcomed. In this manner I connected this foundation in America to Korea as the representative of the national standard. That was how I returned victoriously to Korea.” – True Father, 06.19.1989

“Through the 6000 couples, even those in prison or hell were able to be gathered together. The number six thousand opened the gates not only to the Cain world but even to hell on earth and in the spirit world. The 6000 couples opened those gates. Since we opened the gates, everything came to light worldwide. The gates of heaven have been opened to any person, even those who are in hell, so all is now open for everyone.” – True Father, 01.02.1997

October 14, 1982

6,000 Couple Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony

True Parents blessed 6,000 couples in Chamshil Gymnasium in Seoul on October 14, 1982. The precise number of couples blessed was 5,837, as True Father noted in his Blessing prayer. The 6,000-Couple Blessing is linked with the 2,075-Couple Blessing conducted by True Parents on July 1, 1982, at Madison Square Garden in New York City. They are referred to jointly as the 8,000-Couple Holy Marriage Blessing. Both included significant numbers of international couples. The 6,000-Couple Holy Marriage Blessing, convened on 20 days’ notice, included participants from 84 nations. True Father noted that the Marriage Blessing surmounted the 6,000 years of providential history and signified an “advance into the realm of liberation.”