100 Days of Devotion and True Children’s Day

By | November 1, 2016

from familyfed.org

Across the nation, Unificationists held kick-off ceremonies for the 100-Day Devotion Period in Preparation for Foundation Day. Some communities combined their ceremony with the 57th True Children’s Day and 29th Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth Celebration. Here are photos and stories shared by local communities:


The National Ministry Team extends warm greetings during this Holy Day season. Members of the Media Department at the National Ministry Team came into the office early on the morning of October 31 to prepare an offering table for the 57th True Children’s Day. At the end of the day, FFWPU North America Continental Chairman, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, officiated an observance of the Holy Day, inviting all of the National Ministry Team to come together for a moment of heartfelt celebration and fellowship.


The Nashville Family Church held their kickoff ceremony for the 100-Day Devotion Period in Preparation for Foundation Day on Sunday, October 30. Pastor Yukihiro Saito served as the master of ceremonies and read a speech delivered by True Mother to explain the 100-day devotion. After offering a prayer of resolution to heaven, Pastor Priscilla Agari led the community in offering three cheers of Eog Mansei. Eight adults and nine young people participated.


Two Unificationist families came together to present a beautiful offering table for the kick-off of the 100-day devotion in the home of one of the families.


The Detroit Family Church held a large kickoff ceremony on October 30, 2016. They read True Mother’s message on the significance of the 100-day devotion and had a wonderful get-together. Dr. Ki Hoon Kim also attended the ceremony.


The Louisiana Family Church consolidated their kickoff ceremony with celebrations for the 57th True Children’s Day and the 29th Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth after attending Sunday Service in Laplace, Louisiana on October 30, 2016. The Sunday sermon emphasized True Mother’s call to district pastors and regional leaders of Korea and Japan to engage in dedicated outreach, to serve the Unification community, and to invite more couples to participate in the Marriage Blessing Ceremony.


About 30 Unificationists, including families and young children, gathered at the Milwaukee Family Church during their October 30 Sunday Service to kickoff the 100-day devotions. Young Unificationist Rosia Schmidt gave the Sunday sermon.


On October 30, 2016, the Miami Family Church held their local kickoff ceremony for the 100-day devotion. After reading through True Mother’s speech explaining the significance of the devotion, the community was touched by True Mother’s heart and rededicated themselves to accomplishing God’s Will with her.


The Las Vegas Family Church held a Holy Pledge Service on Sunday, October 30.  Young Unificationist and pastor, Justin Okamoto, gave a Sunday sermon about the preciousness of the parent-child relationship.

In the afternoon, the community held a potluck lunch with games for children including a bouncy house and pinata.

Local Unificationist James Oberg describes the day:

This morning’s pledge service for the 57th True Children’s Day held in True Parents residence was very wonderful. The inspirational guidance provided by Rev. Doo and through Rev. Compton’s prayer were most helpful in creating a warm environment for all brothers and sisters.  Then we had a moving experience from the sermon in our sanctuary which was given by Mr. Justin Okamoto. His passionate sharing of heart brought many to tears. A tremendous blessing came to our church service today.

Following the service we took a group photo filled with smiling faces.  Afterward, our potluck luncheon prepared by all families was a smorgasbord of love. The foods were great but greater still was the sharing of hearts as we dined together.  The weather cooperated and I am so grateful to have been a part of this year’s True Children’s Day. The words “thank you” are powerless to express my gratitude to our True Parents.


The Harlem and Brooklyn Family Church celebrated True Children’s Day on Sunday, October 30th at the Brooklyn Church, on the beautiful tree-lined Foster Avenue in the community of Brooklyn, New York.  The event was hosted by Rev. and Mrs. Daryl Clarke and the Brooklyn Church members cooked a fantastic meal of Japanese curry and Swedish meatballs.

The communities’ children led the service for the congregation of several families and guests. Pastor Ernest and Mrs. Rosemarie Morell from the Earnest Praise & Worship Ministries and a quest from Pakistan joined to celebrate this wonderful occasion.  The Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Michael Bartsevich, and Miss Misun Teah gave the Sermon. Also joining and giving remarks was FFWPU District 2 Pastor, Rev. Edner Pierre-Louis.

“It was a revolutionary service, light and informative,” said Juanita Pierre-Louis.


A True Children’s Day celebration was held at the Columbia, SC church center in conjunction with a 100-day kick off celebration until Foundation Day 2017. Pastor Randall Reeves led the ceremonies with over 25 in attendance.


The South Florida Family Church under Pastor Simone Doroski Miyazaki held a 100-day kickoff celebration.


The Seattle Family Church gathered in the chapel of their church building to celebrate the start of 100 days of devotion in preparation for Foundation Day 2017.


The Portland Family Church held their 100-day kickoff during Sunday Service this past weekend.


FFWPU USA President Dr. Michael Balcomb, his wife Fumiko Balcomb, and a small gathering of local Unificationists in Albany, New York, held a kickoff ceremony for the 100 days leading up to Foundation Day 2017.


Fifty parents and children of the Sacramento Family Church gathered to kick off the 100 days of devotion leading up to Foundation Day.


On Sunday October 30th, the Washington, D.C. Family Church celebrated the 57th True Children’s Day and the 29th Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth. A second generation Unificationist, Yesook Catalan, who participated in the August Global Top Gun Workshop in Korea, delivered an inspiring sermon. The congregation also launched the 100 Days Devotion Period in Preparation for Foundation Day and Kickoff for the Second Half of the Vision 2020 Campaign, led by Pastor Dr. Achille Acolatse.