By | November 8, 2016

How you work, offer devotions and grow during the springtime will determine how you will appear when the autumn of providential history comes, and with what results you will stand before the True Parents.

15   Presently, if we compare you to farmers before the Will, then the mission that was assigned to you, that of the tribal messiah, is to fertilize the soil. Making this barren ground into fertile soil depends solely on you. If you are lazy during the coming of this wonderful season, your harvest in the autumn will be meager. The position of receiving the Blessing cannot be fulfilled by sitting still.

What kind of life would you all have lived had you not met the True Parents? You would probably have lived in your own country, within your own family, eating and being attached to your environment. Few of you would have thought about living for the sake of the nation and world. What do you all think, those of you who have met True Parents? If you have large thoughts, then how large are they, and how must you act? How you work, offer devotions and grow during the springtime will determine how you will appear when the autumn of providential history comes, and with what results you will stand before the True Parents. (True Mother, 2013/04/25)

16   All blessed families have heard Father’s words on how to move forward. Now everything depends on how you fulfill your responsibility. If you fulfill your responsibility, then your tribes and descendants will live in a free and happy world. You must prepare the environment. How you create the environment surrounding you during the remaining years of your life will determine the path to advance national restoration and world restoration.

Do not just chew over these words, for now is the time to give shape to your faith through your actions. A new era has opened. The words spoken by Father must be made into reality in your surroundings and your families, so that your descendants will have less indemnity to pay. If the responsibility is not fulfilled, it is natural that indemnity must be paid.

You have your personal life and your lives as individual blessed families. True Parents cannot get involved in all of that. True Parents have shown you the example, so you must follow it. Everybody should strive to live according to the Word.

Some miserable people distort the Word and live self-centered lives. I hope that you will all be wise. I am preparing everything so that you can go on the expressway of a perfectly established tradition. If you can just fulfill the responsibilities given you, there is no doubt that a free, peaceful and united world that attends the Heavenly Parent will be achieved. (True Mother, 2013/08/15)


15    現在の皆さんが、み旨の前に立っている農夫だとすれば、皆さんに与えられた氏族メシヤの使命を果たすことによって、沃土をつくらなければなりません。やせた地を沃土にすることは、皆さんにかかっています。この良い季節を迎えて、皆さんが怠けて行動すれば、秋に皆さんが手にする収穫はとても微々たるものになるでしょう。祝福された位置というのは、そのようにじっと座って成し遂げられるものではありません。



16    祝福家庭は、どのように進まなければならないかというお父様のみ言を、すべて聞きました。今や残っているのは、皆さんの責任です。皆さんが責任を果たせば、皆さんの氏族、皆さんの後代が自由で幸福な世界で暮らせるようになるでしょう。