Prince Harry Visits Unificationist School in Guyana

By | December 7, 2016

Prince Harry Visits Unificationist School in Guyana

During a recent 15-day tour of the Caribbean, Prince Henry of Wales, known as Prince Harry, stopped by a Unificationist-run children’s home in Guyana. The center, formally named Joshua House Children Center, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) located in Georgetown, Guyana and run by Unificationist Gladys Accra. Accra and her husband began managing the organization, which cares for vulnerable children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old, in 1995. Today the center houses 50 children.

During his visit, Prince Harry spoke with several children and held a question and answer session. Asked about life as a prince, he shared candidly about the ups and downs. “There’s lots of privileges of course… but with privilege comes responsibility,” he replied. The prince was joined in his visit by Greg Quinn, Britain’s High Commissioner to Guyana. Quinn praised Accra while at the center, calling the work that she has done “amazing.” Quinn added that a number of local and international organizations have supported the children’s home. Earlier this year, before the prince’s visit, the Royal Navy patrol vessel HMS Mersey did renovation work at the center.

Before coming to Joshua House, children are referred to Accra by a local child protection program which identifies those at risk of poverty, neglect, and abuse.

Accra, who is known as Auntie Gladys by the children, stresses the community effort that it takes to keep the center going. “Every day people make donations to help with things like the breakfasts and the groceries, and bringing items and clothes,” she said. “The support is from the community.” Additional churches as well as the Guyanese government help Accra to fund her program.

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