Creating Peace on Earth Through Madison Square Garden

By | July 7, 2017

On July 6, 2017, excitement and inspiration was in the air as the National Ministry Team gathered for their monthly meeting in the last days before True Mother’s speech at Madison Square Garden.

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) USA Vice President Rev. Miilhan Stephens served as emcee, while FFWPU USA Vice President Rev. Mari Curry then fervently read from the Chambumogyeong. True Father’s words 10 days before his 1974 speech at Madison Square Garden, “The New Future of Christianity,” reverberated in the hearts of the Unificatonists as they prepare for July 15:

Through the Madison Square Garden rally, God can realize His Will to reclaim the heavenly nation and from that place liberate all people. It is a historic event that will serve as a base from which we can leap forward. From here, multitudes of people must come together with one heart and make one united effort, shedding their sweat together and moving as one body despite having different interests and different emotions. This will be an opportunity for God, who once could only look upon New York with despair, to finally have hope through you.

Dr. Kim’s inspirational speech to the National Ministry Team

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, FFWPU International Vice President, also urged everyone to take action in this pivotal moment for “Peace Starts with Me.” There have been saints and sages who served for God throughout history, and Unificationists have been handed this opportunity to return joy to the Heavenly Parent. It is by giving joy to others and to God that we can attain true happiness, Dr. Kim told those in the audience.

FFWPU USA President Dr. Michael Balcomb continued the inspiration in his overview of the program for “Peace Starts with Me.” During his presentation, he reminded those in the room how lucky fortunate they are to be called together to bring joy to God, declaring “We are God’s winning team, and victory is very close!”

Pastors from Districts 1, 2, and 3 provided encouraging updates on their efforts to mobilize for Madison Square Garden. District 2 Pastor, Rev. Edner Pierre-Louis, had representatives throughout his district come to the stage to share specifically about how they have taken action to bring joy back to God. Dr. Drissa Kone will be hosting a dinner with 30 religious African leaders to campaign for “Peace Starts with Me” and the significance of this event. Read more about how you can promote “Peace Starts with Me.” 

Demian Dunkley, the Director of Evangelism at FFWPU USA, reminded everyone that peace is a universal desire, further emphasizing the relevance of “Peace Starts with Me.” For the significance of True Mother’s message to be recognized, Demian insisted, we must live according to the standards of True Parents–standards that are rooted in true love for God and the world.

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry gave updates on the preparation for Hyojeong Youth Weekend. “I see this weekend as an incredible opportunity to create a shift in our young adults to adopt a heart of filial piety,” shared Tasnah Moyer, the National Young Adult Ministry Coordinator. Naokimi Ushiroda, the National Director of Youth and Students Ministry, after reflecting on Tasnah’s comments, noted how True Mother is also the example of filial piety before God, proudly and confidently declaring that she is His true daughter.

Representatives from the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) and Universal Peace Federation (UPF) also reported on their progress in preparing for July 15. Inspired by the theme, “Peace Starts with Me,” Archbishop George Stallings Jr., the National Co-Chair of ACLC, began singing “Let There be Peace on Earth.” The rest of the crowd joined Archbishop Stallings, as they sang in unity:

Let there be peace on earth

And let it begin with me

Let there be peace on earth

The peace that was meant to be

Are you ready to create peace on earth? Join us on July 15 to “Peace Starts with Me,” and invite your friends and family!