Over 500 Youth Share Amazing Weekend With True Mother

By | July 18, 2017

~from familyfed.org

From July 14 to 16, over 500 youth and young adults from all around the nation and the world enjoyed a fulfilling weekend in which they connected with one another, True Parents, and True Parents’ family, learning the meaning of hyojeong, a heart of filial piety.

On Friday, July 14, the Hyojeong Youth Weekend kicked off with dance practice for a performance of “Mujogeon (Unconditionally)” for True Mother’s “Peace Starts With Me” speech at Madison Square Garden, followed by an intimate discussion with Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) International President, Sun Jin Moon. Her honesty and grace in helping the young Unificationists—many who have never met True Mother—understand True Mother’s heart also helped the youth understand themselves.

The next day, Rev. Kevin Thompson, Christine Froelich, and a few of the Hyojeong Weekend participants delivered their testimonies to the rest of youth and young adults to further connect with True Mother. After their moving testimonies, the youth were fully one in heart with True Mother once they stepped into the grounds of Madison Square Garden. They smiled before their Heavenly Parent as they performed the moves to “Mujogeon,” displaying a heart of filial piety in their desire to practice unconditional love toward their True Mother.

The connection between the young Unificationists and True Mother would grow even greater at the Victory Celebration on July 16. On a beautiful Sunday morning at East Garden, they had the blessing of having a special gathering with True Mother. With the young Unificationists huddling around True Mother, the physical and spiritual closeness between them at its height, True Mother expressed how proud she was of every one of them. When she encouraged everyone to come to her unconditionally when she calls upon them, the Unificationists again performed “Mujogeon.”

“In the end, the workshop was not just an event to attend but the whole weekend was a chance to connect more deeply and prepare our hearts to receive True Mother’s message,” said Tasnah Moyer, National Young Adult Ministry Coordinator and a primary organizer of the weekend. “Sunday was a culmination of that and really expressed the whole point of hyojeong.


It was so amazing to see True Mother. Her smile was so beautiful, especially knowing how much she really appreciated the youth to willingly be there to support Mother. I want to align with True Mother’s words like a sunflower to the sun, really practice and build my heart of attendance. All the youth supporting True Mother together made me feel the power of unity. – Abigail Richardson

I was really moved that so many people answered True Mothers call on their own accord and that all of the camps adjusted their programming to share this weekend together. The quality of intention was really inspiring. It was clear that we brought so much joy to True Mother. – Kaeleigh Moffitt

Seeing Mother at East Garden was a heartfelt experience for me. Dancing Moo Jo Geon for her brought me immense joy that my jaws felt frozen. Her smile was so sweet as if she was telling us how cute and cheerful we all looked. I am so grateful that Mother gave us the opportunity to receive her love. To see Mother genuinely smile made me feel so full of love. – Ryota Naito

This was by far the largest gathering of young Unificationists which I’ve seen, let alone be a part of and having the opportunity to attend and perform for True Mother. We were all definitely at various places in our faith but what was moving was that all 500+ people were able to unite in offering this one dance, “Mujogeon” to Mother. Reflecting afterwards, I realized that regardless of where any of us may be in our relationship with Mother, the youth can unite not only in dance but in heart. – Junta Naito