Testimonies from the Garden

By | July 21, 2017

~from familyfed.org

“Peace Starts With Me” was a great success on July 15, as Madison Square Garden was full in spirit and with people of various religious backgrounds. Below are a few testimonies from those in attendance. 


What a fantastic victory! Tears filled my eyes several times during “Peace Begins with Me.” It was excellent in so many ways: beginning on time, the content of the speeches, the interactions between the emcee and the audience, the introductions of the speakers (Dr. Balcomb’s introduction of Bishop Kim touched everyone’s heart.), the 2,000-voice choir, high-level representatives who came to speak, and more. Better yet, there was no rain on July 15, even though it rained in New York City two days before. And this was all preparing the foundation to welcome True Mother.

The most important victory of the day was that it brought joy and hope to True Mother. As she walked on stage, her smile was worth a million dollars. Her happiness lit up the whole Garden. True Mother was so, so happy. And when she spoke, she did so with dignity, poise, confidence and conviction. As she delivered God’s message, there was pin-drop silence in the arena filled with thousands of young people. They, the young people, were her greatest support—and it was contagious. They have so much respect for True Mother—I could just feel it in my bones. It was amazing.


On July 15, the Heavenly Parent gave us a beautiful day, so my husband, Rev. Jeddie King and I, went back to the New Yorker Hotel and got more flyers to witness with on the streets of New York. We gave hope to so many homeless people, both young and old. We introduced True Mother’s picture to many, and told them to frame it. We reminded people of the Scripture that said in the last days God would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. We told them that True Mother represented the Holy Spirit, the feminine part of God. The people were very receptive. We witnessed to so many people that I lost count.

We were able to witness to groups of 5 to 7 people at one time as they waited for the light to change to cross the street. We would call out the name True Parents’ the Messiah that God has sent today. We could have stayed out there all day, because the harvest was plentiful. However, we came back to our Homewood Suite Hotel in time to relax and get ready to see True Mother at the Garden.

It was a well-planned, beautiful night. It felt like Heaven on Earth—a Holy Spirit Night, preparing us for Her reign.


The “Peace Starts With Me” event was a great reminder for me on how America will be restored through its Christian foundation. As True Father taught us, America represents World Christianity. That is why it was so crucial that the main mover and supporters and attendees were Christians (though other faiths were embraced as well) from all races and nationalities and denominational backgrounds.

Thank you to all those who worked so hard behind the scenes starting from our leadership and of course True Father supporting from the spiritual world, and True Mother, whom you can feel the seriousness and the love from, while sharing God’s message. It was a blessing to be there in person representing my family as well as one of our daughters at the Hyojeong workshop.

It was great to be at Madison Square Garden for the second time since the 2075 couples Blessing where I was a participant, and to meet many brothers and sisters I haven’t seen in decades. It was truly a great reunion. We are one family in heart under God!

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