Youth Share Heart of Filial Piety in Los Angeles

By | July 28, 2017

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On Sunday, July 23, the Los Angeles Family Church welcomed back eight young Unificationists who traveled to New York to see True Mother’s message at Madison Square Garden, participated in the Hyojeong Youth Weekend, and had the opportunity to perform “Mujogeon (Unconditional)” before True Mother. With True Parents’ grace and spirit evident in their passion, the young Unificationists—many of them members of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP)—delivered their inspiring testimonies from the eventful weekend.

Drawing from the lyrics of “Mujogeon,” the Unificationists collectively titled their testimonies “If you call, I’ll come running.” They described seeing True Mother and FFWPU International President, Sun Jin Moon, in person for the first time, in addition to their experiences joining the 2,000 Voice choir and being part of the 200 Praise Dancers. Remembering what it was like to perform for True Mother, the youth again danced to “Mujogeon” for the elder Unifcationists.

Pedro Diaz, who joined the Unificationist movement just two years ago, delivered the sermon for the Sunday Service. Since being introduced to Unificationist teachings by Naoko Hiraki, Pedro has been highly active with CARP and also is one of the Sunday school teachers at the Los Angeles Family Church.

He gave a heartfelt message to the community, appreciating the efforts by the Unificationists to make “Peace Starts With Me” a success, and emphasizing the need to support True Mother. It is by rallying up to support God and True Parents, Pedro explained, that we can help change America and the world. Moved by the spirit of hyojeong—a heart of filial piety—the Los Angeles Family Church was uplifted by the Holy Spirit within the young Unificationists.

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