Japanese Unificationists Share Testimonies from the Garden

By | August 10, 2017

Kimie Stana

Three Christian ministers joined my family for “Peace Starts With Me.” They were liberated through experiencing True Mother’s vast and deep heart of love. I realized that it is important to rejuvenate Christian ministers and the young people with True Parents’ heart. I was moved by the dance of the youth from the Hyojeong Youth Workshop and I felt hope for the future of our church.

While I was listening to the music of Apple Heaven, True Mother’s eyes met with mine many times. I felt True Mother had understood all of my work and hardship and I received great comfort in my heart. I faced many difficulties and had a lonely painful heart but I could feel that True Mother understood me completely.

Kayoko Frankowski

I took one guest to the Madison Square Garden event.

I met him about 40 days ago on campus. When I met him I gave True Father’s autobiography.  That night he sent me email that he wants to meet me next day, because he wanted four more copies of Father’s autobiography.  He wanted to give copies to his friends.

Next day I gave him four autobiographies and we read Divine Principle together.  Then I told him about Madison Square Garden event.  He immediately looked at his cell phone calendar and decided to come. He was impressed with the program and True Mother’s speech in particular. It has motivated him to continue reading the Divine Principle with me and my husband. We meet him every Saturday to read the Divine Principle.

I really felt the spiritual world working very hard to bring people.  True Parents shed blood, sweat and tears for America for 40 years.  I’m so grateful that my guest could attend the event.

Mari Kudo

We were so grateful that we could be a part of the special event at Madison Square Garden on July 15. Through the mobilization for this event, we were reconnected to ministers of our past and able to bring 5 ACLC guests from the Boston Area. All of them were so excited with the event and filled with the true love of True Parents.

They had a small argument on the way to NY. However on the way back, they were like good friends, sharing and inviting each other to their churches.

That was possible only by True Parents’ love and spirits they felt through the event.

Also two of five guests have decided to go to Korea this September. She was recording the program from the beginning to the end and she was especially moved by True Mother’s message.

We are planning to start a new chapter of ACLC in Boston area together with other New England states. The success of Madison Square Garden event gave us hope and confidence to fulfill this goal.