Remembering the Past and Welcoming the Future

By | August 10, 2017

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On August 9, 2017, the National Ministry Team gathered in the Crystal Room of the New Yorker Hotel for its first monthly meeting since True Mother was welcomed by America at Madison Square Garden. Emceed by FFWPU USA Vice President Mari Curry and opened in prayer by Dr. Tanya Edwards, the meeting marked an important transition for the movement, honoring and appreciating former FFWPU USA President Dr. Michael Balcomb and to welcome with open arms the newly appointed FFWPU USA President, Rev. Richard Buessing.

Dr. Balcomb, who served as the FFWPU USA President since 2013, will be taking his leadership to Europe to become its Continental Chairman of FFWPU. After receiving a warm applause of appreciation, he dwelled on his last four years in America, and appreciated the unity of Unificationists to come together and center on True Parents. He encouraged everyone in the audience that, as True Mother says, this is the time of transformation and change. Above all, Dr. Balcomb expressed his determination to really believe in True Parents’ vision for the future and to actualize it in his home in Europe. His full message can be seen in the video above.

Continental Chairman of FFWPU North America, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, discussed how vital Dr. Balcomb has been to the Unificationist movement in America, calling Dr. Balcomb his right-hand man. “I raised him for the last four years. I fully support True Mother’s desire and wish,” he said. With Dr. Balcomb’s move to Europe, Dr. Kim highlighted the importance of America’s unity with Europe: “Now, the time has come. America must support Europe, and the world. America must stand for the sake of others.”

Rev. Richard Buessing, the new FFWPU President of America, then took the stage to praise the leadership that guided the Unification movement before him. With fire and passion, Rev. Buessing displayed not only his determination for the manifestation of True Mother’s vision for America, but also his faith in the Unificationists in the audience and across the nation to fulfill True Parents’ dream. “We have history on our side now,” Rev. Buessing heightened hope into the audience, continuing, “We are riding the greatest wave in human history.”

Rev. Michael Jenkins, former Chief Financial Officer of FFWPU USA, was appointed as one of the leaders for the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC). Rev. Jenkins reiterated the miracles that occurred at Madison Square Garden on July 15, followed by a remark on his gratitude to be able to bring joy to True Parents and God. After working closely with ACLC in preparation for “Peace Starts With Me,” and now being chosen to play a key role for ACLC, Rev. Jenkins noted, “I’ve always found that wherever you go, God will always be there.”

As the Unificationist movement in America welcomes important changes in leadership, the Unifcationist leaders reminded its followers that the constant throughout all changes is their Heavenly Parent, God.