God’s Will Through True Parents

By | August 17, 2018

~FROM familyfed.org

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On August 16, the National Ministry Team gathered at The Washington Times location in Washington, D.C. for their monthly meeting to deliver regular updates on community activities from across the country.

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim visiting Iguazu Falls in South America.

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America emphasized that God’s Will in America can only be fulfilled through True Parents. He continued that it is not enough for the Unification movement to communicate and unite with one another, but rather the movement needs to put True Parents in the forefront and unite with others to move forward. “God prepared America for the sake of the second coming messiah, True Parents,” Dr. Kim stated. “Our responsibility has yet to be fulfilled because we must declare and proclaim the second coming messiah here [on earth].” Dr. Kim encouraged everyone to follow the path that True Parents have laid down in America in order to accomplish God’s Will.

Southeast Subregional Director Rev. Ernest Patton focused his message on the success of bringing about Hyojeong culture through the recent Hyojeong Divine Principle Conference in Las Vegas in July which exceeded its goal of over 300 participants, and the Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Event in Washington, D.C. on August 4 and 5, where many of the young participants felt guided through the chanyang session to carry on the providence.

Rev. Demian Dunkley Northeast Subregional Director reported the progress of TribeNet which has expanded rapidly within the last year. Many families are actively working as tribal messiahs and joining the weekly Tribe Call. Rev. Dunkley said, “Each tribe can grow to about 1,600 people (430 couples plus their children), and we need to bring these tribes to the upcoming rally in November to fill the Nassau Coliseum with up to 15,000 people.”

Women’s Federation for World Peace USA President Angelika Selle spoke about the Leadership Retreat in Atlanta, GA where over 50 women attended to connect with Vision 2020 and learn about the principles of leadership. After a few icebreakers and fun teamwork games, the participants each wrote a letter to God which brought tears to many.

President of Universal Peace Federation International Mr. Thomas McDevitt enlightened the group on the development of the Peace Road project. Many cities across the country have been organizing bike tours to hlp promote the idea of an International Peace Highway to unite the entire world together.

For more information on starting your tribe, visit heavenlytribe.org.