“I Experienced True Mother’s Great Love”

By | September 28, 2018

Rev. Hiroshi Inose, Director of Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity Kodan submitted a heartfelt reflection about his experience in Korea during the 3-Day Special Hyojeong Workshop for Cheon Il Guk leaders.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, this past August, I was able to visit Korea for True Father’s Sixth Seonghwa Anniversary and Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Celebrations due to special arrangements made by Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America. And it was on this occasion I experienced True Mother’s great love very deeply and personally. I am deeply grateful to have this chance. I can say wholeheartedly that I understood how great True Mother is and I have since made a new start with absolute determination for the victory of the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship Providence. This is my reflection.

The Greatness of True Mother

True Mother’s heart, sense of direction, strategies, decisiveness, and insight show us her greatness and that she is the only begotten daughter of God. True Mother is the great queen of true love and true wisdom, and the embodiment of the Truth. We can understand this through her every word and objective. She manifests Heavenly Parent’s heart and authority.

I felt that True Mother is completely united with True Father in the spirit world and commands the providence in a concrete and real way. I understood this clearly when True Mother gave us a direction during the special three-day workshop over which she took direct control, and through it, gave all leaders the grace of repentance and amazing rebirth. I cannot find words to express my gratitude to her.

True Mother knew the shortest path to complete and conclude God’s providence, the most important issues along the way, and how to bring victory. She took action and succeeded.

The Hyojeong Cultural Festival

I felt that the musical performed at the Sixth Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa was prepared by the second generation with deep love, longing and jeonseong toward True Parents. It was a testimony of the Hyojeong culture expressed both internally and externally. Family Federation for World Peace and Unity (FFWPU) International President Sun Jin Moon’s message and the testimony of Wonju McDevitt, Chief of Staff for True Mother lifted and strengthened my deep longing heart toward True Father.

The orchestra conducted by Chair of the Cheon Il Guk Institute of Music David Eaton performed wonderful music uniting the heartistic culture of Korea with the cultural foundation of Judaism, Christianity and the West. It was great progress toward creating the culture of heart.

I was especially moved by the performances of Paul Potts and the Little Angels at the Hyojeong Cultural Festival. Paul Potts’ performance of “Longing for Mount Kumgang” was particularly amazing. Listening to the song, I felt that even though humanity does not understand, Mount Kumgang knows how much Heavenly Parent and True Parents want to accomplish the unification of North and South Korea, and how much they are waiting for the day that North Korea is liberated and all humankind joyfully sings this song together. During his song, a deep longing heart toward True Father came to me like waves and overwhelmed me. I was able to experience a kind of world filled with the heart and culture which belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

 Cheon Bo Won Genealogy Center

The dedication ceremony of Cheon Bo Won was one of the highlights of the events for me. True Parents’ extraordinary determination, heart and jeonseong toward the providence of Cheon Bo Won brought this result. The Cheon Bo Won’s purpose is to leave a record of our lives of faith and the fruits we produce for our descendants. Therefore, every one of us who has been living with True Parents until now must conclude the spotless and pure life course through the victory of the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship together with True Parents. During the dedication ceremony, I was truly reminded how important it is to take inventory of my life until now and bring results, one by one, in my life going forward. It gave me such determination.

At Cheon Bo Won, I heard that to show the world the historical proof of True Mother being the only begotten daughter of God, there will be exhibitions of the preparation process for her birth through three generations and the life course of Dae Mo nim.

Special Three-Day Workshop

At the Victory Celebration on August 28, True Mother gave the following direction in her speech: “All leaders must let go of everything and spend the next three days in a special workshop.” We were instructed to let go of everything, empty ourselves, unite with True Mother completely and start anew. The workshop was held at Jeongshim Won, the true center among the holy places at Cheongpyeong. We were allowed to attend the prayer meeting in the special prayer room. We also had the chance to visit all five prayer trees at Cheongpyeong and pray there.

The Korean church was reborn due to True Mother’s guidance and investment, as well as through President Rev. Gi-seong Lee’s absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. What made it happen was the total commitment of each region to attend the Cheongpyeong workshops and to have prayer vigils from midnight to 3 a.m. The Korean church changed centered on President Lee. It is becoming a church filled with the Spirit and Truth where 860 families have fulfilled the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship. Behind all this, there were many miracles and amazing works of grace by the substantial Holy Spirit, which were emphasized and practiced during the prayer vigils. President Lee said that the Jeonseong condition is “a crying out prayer” which means you are praying with all your heart and soul. You pray so loud that your voice becomes hoarse and almost crushed. You call out, “Aboji, Omoni!” and truly repent and apologize for not having been able to accomplish what should have been accomplished.

When Satan sees you and admits that he has never seen someone so seriously crying out and you repent with jeonseong beyond your limits, you will reach the love of True Mother, the substantial Holy Spirit, and break through the thick wall in your heart. With the presence of the Holy Spirit, you will be guided to tearful repentance. You will feel True Parents’ love and be able to pray with tears of gratitude.

When you participate in the chan yang session, it is important that you clap with all the power you have and with total devotion, even until your hands crack and bleed.

 My Realizations and Takeaways

During the three-day workshop, I realized a few things: I have been hurting Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ heart, I have been committing the sin of trampling on others’ hearts, and I have not been able to understand, heartistically and personally, that I was trampling on others’ hearts. I have committed sins. Further, when I could not fulfill my responsibilities given from heaven, I was hitting nails into the heart of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Now, I am still not fulfilling my responsibilities. This time, I truly realized that I am continuously giving Him pain. The fact that I have not saved the people in the realm of Cain means that I have not liberated the sorrowful and painful heart of that realm. I could not understand and did nothing about the suffering and sorrow of my ancestors throughout the long course of history over thousands of years. I felt truly sorry for them.

During the plane ride from New York to Korea, I twisted my lower back which caused some pain. I was fighting with the pain every day. Every time I walked, I felt sharp pains in my back and legs, especially during the workshop at every chan yang session and lecture the pain was so bad. At the closing prayer on the first day of the workshop, I prayed and asked heaven to let me understand, through this pain, that I had been hurting the heart of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. “Please forgive my sins that I have committed up until now.” I prayed that my pain would become the indemnity condition for that. At one chan yang session, I determined to do my best with all my heart and soul. Soon, I was filled with a warm feeling and I was able to participate in the session without any pain.

When I visited the five prayer trees, I was determined to even crawl up the mountain to reach the Tree of Blessing and pray there. I was truly guided and protected so that I could reach the tree. Also, on the occasion of the visit to Bon Hyang Won, True Father’s burial site, on August 30, I made the same determination and immediately felt light. I could climb the mountain miraculously without any pain. This time, I understood clearly that the pain of one part of body, like back pain, has an effect on the whole body and even on the condition of our mind. I repented deeply that I had not taken good care of my physical body, which is a gift from Heavenly Parent, with the viewpoint of heaven.

After the trip to Korea, I visited Japan where I received acupuncture treatment twice from a physical therapist and gradually began to feel better. But I was still battling with pain everyday and it was difficult to pray or teach. This physical pain may be similar to the kind of pain in hell. While I stood, sat, lay down, and even when I moved a little bit, I experienced pain. Even when I was not moving at all, there was pain. I had never experienced this in my life. In the beginning, I desperately prayed so that I could be set free from this pain. But later, I was determined to live with this pain with my continuous love toward Heavenly Parent and True Parents, even if I would have to live with it for the rest of my life.

Regarding the unity of mind and body, my problem is that I am influenced by my physical condition and my mind becomes weak. I think I have to fundamentally change this mental attitude. Also, I think it is important to understand my physical condition well, exercise daily, manage, love and take care of my body so that I will be able to work for God’s Will always in good health.

 My Declaration for Victory

This time, in front of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, I was able to declare that I will absolutely succeed. I have a conviction that I was able to start anew because of True Mother’s prayer and interest and through being under the dominion of True Mother.

I will always think about, pray for, and care about Heavenly Parent and True Parents, especially True Mother’s situation and heart. I will live daily according to True Mother’s wishes. To accomplish this, I need to invest my heart and time. It is important to strengthen my mind greatly. I also need to understand the heart of Heavenly Parent and True Parents far more deeply and wholly. I will improve and make a total commitment to do Hoon Dok Hwe readings.

I will truly repent for my habitual attitudes from the past, bad habits, and my sins. I will take care of my physical body from God’s viewpoint. For that purpose, I need to exercise and improve my daily diet.

The all-night prayer vigil, which brought success for the Korean church, is the way to totally overcome past sins and habits. I think an additional key is the “crying out prayer” of more than one hour.

I will commit myself to complete the liberation and blessing of my ancestors. I will make the determination and offer the jeonseong conditions for this. I will try to meet John the Baptist–type people in this world and build relationships with them.

Crying Out in Prayer

This was given to us by Heavenly Parent and True Parents on the foundation of the jeonseong of two-hour prayer meetings which we have been doing throughout America.

The Korean church has changed. It has changed to a church of the Spirit and Truth. 860 families have declared victory as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. The Jeonseong conditions opened the door to this.

This was bequeathed to the leaders from all over the world during the special workshop which True Mother was in charge of. Sun Jin Nim, Ye Jin Nim, Hoon Sook Nim, and Yeon Ah Nim participated in the workshop, too.

On the foundation of the completion of the Four Position Foundation in the spirit world centered on True Parents, we have entered the age when God’s authority will be manifested. This is the grace of rebirth through the heart and love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

We have to tear down our own walls of Jericho in order to live a “Life of High Noon” with Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We have to break through the walls. This is the practical method to enter into the heart and the victorious realm of True Parents and True Mother at the present time.

These are the specific points:

  1. Sing Holy Songs as powerfully and loudly as we can.
  2. Sing “Grace of the Holy Garden” and “Tan Shim Ga” three or four times repeatedly.
  3. Play loud background music so that we cannot hear each other’s prayer.
  4. Call out to God. Pray loudly, even to the point our voice becomes hoarse. Put all our heart and soul into the prayer. Scream until we lose our voice and shed tears.
  5. To conclude, sing “Tan Shim Ga” with our whole heart.