Looking to 2020

By | January 7, 2019

From Familyfed.

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The National Ministry Team gathered in the Bank Space at the New Yorker Hotel on January 3 for their monthly meeting to discuss goals and inspirations for the new year in preparation for Vision 2020.

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America, shared his heart and dedication to True Parents and True Mother and expressed that we must change to be like True Mother’s spirit. “If we cannot change, we cannot succeed. We want to be the first to set the standard, to inspire others,” Dr. Kim said. He continued by saying the owners of America are Blessed Central Families, and as owners we must be public-minded. It is vital for the Subregional Directors and all Unificationists to educate Christian pastors and leaders to turn everyone into citizens of Cheon Il Guk. We need to comprehend the mission of “no family left behind” and develop Tribal Messiahs throughout each region.

Dr. Kim conducted the farewell ceremony for Rev. Richard Buessing alongside an installment ceremony for Rev. Demian Dunkley, the newly appointed President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA. Dr. Kim spoke briefly about how back in 2017, True Mother wanted to make changes to the American leaders and had asked him for his opinion. “I thought about it and I realized that people really respected Rev. Buessing’s leadership, so I suggested him to True Mother as well as Demian.” Rev. Buessing was then presented with a plaque for his time as President. “They say in the Bible, that one day is like a thousand years, and that’s what it was like being President,” Rev. Buessing said. He went on to thank everyone for the support he received with special thanks to Dr. Kim who shared our stories and reflections directly with True Mother, and vice versa which created a deeper relationship with her. Demian approached the podium next and expressed his gratitude to True Mother, Dr. Kim and Rev. Buessing. He dived right in to his intentions as President for this new year leading up to 2020. “As Americans, our mission is to recognize, attend, protect and proclaim True Parents to the world,” Demian said. “Within the next 14 months, we will bring national restoration in America for True Parents. The goal for 2019 is for everyone to become Tribal Messiahs and to work through our Christian brothers and sisters.” Demian expressed that we are so lucky to be alive in the time of True Parents and to receive their love and perseverance. It is important for the American Movement to take responsibility and become the first nation of Cheon Il Guk by 2020.

Teresa Rischl, President of CARP, enlightened the crowd with the progress and growth of CARP in America. Currently there are over 48 chapters in different stages of development. “What’s really important with youth is to cultivate it,” Teresa said. “Our young people are ready to gain leadership in higher levels. We see sustainability and maturity in people to insure they pass on their leadership skills.” Teresa reflected on the success of the CARP Hyojeong trip to Korea and Japan from June 26 to July 11 where 360 CARP students united with True Mother and her vision to expand the Hyojeong culture. The importance of having these workshop experiences and CARP events on campus is to create an atmosphere for people to feel God’s love. “As True Mother said, we need to be the light. In a world that doesn’t have clear standards, we need to bring that light and create those standards.”

In April 2018, Nancy Jubb was hired at Headquarters as the new Communications Director. Since accepting her job position, Nancy has built a foundation for the Unification Movement in the eyes of the media through interacting with the press and gaining positive press coverage. She said, “The media is Cain and we are Able. We have to love them, educate them and raise them up.” Throughout the new year, Nancy stated that throughout the new year we will be launching a fresh and new website as well as a separate website dedicated to True Mother so people can educate themselves about who True Mother is and what her purpose is.

Dr. Michael Jenkins, Co-chairman of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), shared the clergy’s consistent efforts to connect and build relationships with Christian churches throughout America. Women in Ministry has been holding meetings every week to teach True Family Values to Christians. Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., Co-chairman of ACLC, said, “Living for the sake of others is one of the most profound teachings that we can share with humankind.” True Parents have been doing this their whole lives and now we need to spread this message to make a change in the world.